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Uncommon Knowledge
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Definition: Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge, a UK based organisation, is a leading educator in indirect, conversational hypnosis in the UK; since 1996 they have trained thousands of people in how to use hypnosis for improved mental health and superior performance. In addition to face to face hypnotherapy training they have also produced a hypnosis DVD for those who cannot attend their training courses.

Uncommon Knowledge also run a successful hypnotherapy clinic in Brighton, Sussex, UK.

Uncommon Knowledge run a number of successful websites; their main website on a wide range of subjects, the Psychology Forum, the Depression Learning Path, HypnosisDownloads.com and many others.

Further information

* Uncommon Knowledge
The main website of Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge also run the following websites:

* Hypnosis Downloads.com
A comprehensive selection of mp3 hypnosis downloads, covering self improvement, health, relationships, personal development, weight loss hypnosis, pain relief, phobias and fears, hypnotherapy, stress management and relaxation.

* Psychology Forum

* Depression Learning Path
Do you, or someone you know

- have symptoms of clinical depression?
- live with or know a depressed person?
- treat people with clinical depression?

If so, the Depression Learning Path will give you the most revolutionary, up-to-date, and useful information on depression.

* Panic Attacks.co.uk - free online program
If panic attacks have been causing you problems, or you are worried about panic disorder, then the free Panic Attacks program can help you. Many people have been helped by the panic attacks course, which you can complete online, or have delivered to you by email.

* Self Confidence.co.uk
Build your self esteem and confidence using the free email course and online articles and tips.

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Uncommon Knowledge Ltd.,
12 Queen Square, Brighton, England, UK BN1 3FD
Telephone: +44 01273 776 770, Facsimile: +44 01273 774427
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