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Postby Louise McDermott » Thu Sep 04, 2003 3:27 pm

Hi guys,

Our diploma hypnosis group met up last night, and we were practising the VK technique.

When we scaled our subject, they said that the intensity of feeling had dropped from about an 8 to a 5.

If this were a real client, and they perhaps came back for another session, saying 5 was an improvement but they really wanted it to be a 1 or 2, would you just keep VKing the memory until it went down to the desired level?

Are there any other things you might use?

Louise McDermott
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Postby Roger Elliott » Thu Sep 04, 2003 3:36 pm

Hi Lou

I would ask them to 'get out there' and once they had encountered the phobic object, to call me and let me know how it went. If it was still uncomfortable at that point, yes I would do some more work with them.

It's important when curing a phobia to distinguish between natural apprehension about not knowing if the phobia has gone, and the actual phobic response.

Roger Elliott
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Postby hudmb » Fri Oct 17, 2003 1:20 pm

Could I ask, what is the VK technique?

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Postby Roger Elliott » Fri Oct 17, 2003 1:32 pm

Hi Hudmb, and a big welcome to UncommonForum !

The V/K is a quick detraumatisation technique for PTSD and phobias - there's more info here:


Roger Elliott
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Postby Anthony Jacquin » Fri Oct 17, 2003 6:57 pm

normally when i see someone for a phobia I do a quick diagnostic check prior to anything else that involves them focusing on the feeling that lets them know they are anxious (or however they describe it). I know some therapists believe this is a bad thing to do because it makes them access that bad experience or feeling- however I only get them to do it briefly and to totally focus on the feeling as a feeling rather than relive the experience - so it at least has the value of making the feelings more subjective - understanding a feeling is a feeling and examinging it. I then ask them to report anything that pops into their head. I guess I am going for the miracle cure here and occasionaly it happens someone recalls something that was not really that bad which subsequently related to the development of the fear or phobia. Either way I then get them to think of something else that totally removes them from that thought or feeling, something that conjures up happy, relaxed, confident resources that i think will be useful. After focusing on a bad feeling most people seem to be able to find something else very quickly. I then anchor this good feeling.

When doing the fast phobia cure - I get them to imagine a TV and video recorder - float out to an observing position, watch themselves wacting a movie, then for the observing self to get in and out of the movie a few times - I then check in for a rating of how they are feeling. If it has only gone down to a 5 I have often got them to watch it again while simulataneously firing the good anchor and find that 10/10 times this reduces the rating normally to zero.

Dont know if this is technically the correct thing to do - but it seems to work.

Anthony Jacquin
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Postby Mark Tyrrell » Mon Oct 20, 2003 11:00 pm

Well my thoughts Ant are that if it works, is quick and comfortable then it is technically correct :D

Mark Tyrrell
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