I can't shake this feeling of misanthropy and constant anger

Postby charliekilo » Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:17 am

So first off, I've always been a little impatient with the world in general, and largely anti-social. Not that I hated people so much as I just didn't want to be around them much. Which is just part of me, I'm an introvert and that's not gonna change and frankly I wouldn't want it to. I'm comfortable with that part of myself.

But lately it's been getting out of hand. I've been increasingly angry at people and the world, for maybe a year now? Just every little thing sets me off, even things that ultimately don't matter. I'm just fed up with the state of the world, the state of the U.S., how everyone is so blissfully ignorant of the things that truly matter. How people celebrate mediocrity and belittle and shun intelligence and any kind of dissenting voice.

I know that ultimately doesn't matter on this site, but it's something that's just getting to me a lot lately. It makes it hard for me to be optimistic about the future when there's still so much prejudice and anti-intellectualsim out there. Like...a LOT of it.

How do I keep my anger at this sort of thing in check? It just totally consumes me now, and makes me want to scream and punch a wall or something equally destructive. I can't channel my frustration or anger or anything into a positive outlet.

If something sets me off, I go into an angry, seething inner rage during which I feel like I just lose all control. I've never acted out physically due to this, I've never hit or hurt anyone, never done anything rash like that. Just a few outbursts on message boards or YouTube or whatever wherever I see the kind of thing that gets under my skin. And then whenever I eventually simmer down I feel like during that brief period of anger I wasn't even myself, but rather a manifestation of all my inner anger.

What should I do? How do I adopt a more positive outlook amidst all this negativity? How do I freakin' CONTROL this crap? Nothing seems to be working and I'm sick of letting this anger control me rather than the other way round.

So, any help is really appreciated. Thanks.
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Postby freedomletgo » Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:08 am

I used to be similar to that. I think I've loosened up alot and became more acceptable and open minded. I mean I still feel that way not towards the world but toward an individual which I'm trying to figure out how to let go.

It may be tough. But maybe interacting with more people will help. It definitely torn down my ego and my one sided beliefs. It took awhile. And I'm still trying to tear down more of my walls that I built. But now I'm more open to people and people that doesn't matter I can let them be and not be so concerned about them.

I used to hate people and hated how everybody was. Now I feel better when I interact with people especially people that I can have good chat with. I may not 100 percent agree with their views or opinions but those really don't matter. People interaction is not about views but enjoying simple laughs, chats or jokes. People sure can lighten up your day and let you forget about lot of negativity. And I feel more hopeful.

For an example, today at the gym I was talking to this guy that I had a few chit chat with prior and I started talking about my problems with my ex, financial problems, and my kid and just shooting shits joking around and laughing about issues that's been weighing me down. I found out that he had a similar problem in the past too. And just creating a humor and laughing about it just helped me out a lot.

I'm starting to learn that happiness, friendship, having fun in life no matter what others view as are something that really enriches our lives. Not accomplishments. Not fame. Not proving to others.
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Postby exstonerish » Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:05 am

Find an outlet for your intellect...

I too am angry, but I root it in my current situation and the lack of anything close to a realization or actuation of what I perceive to be my full potential...

The world/society is not going to change...but you can use yourself to your fullest and take advantage of your advantage over most of society (which you accurately described)

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Postby freedomletgo » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:19 am

I think candid suggested pretty good way to cope with your anger on your other thread. What is it that you like to do that distracts from your thoughts?

What is it that gives you a bit of relief?

I've been writing down what makes me feel relief or somewhat distract my mind from negativity.

I've set a goal to go to beach for 200 days at least an hour per day. So far I've been going there for 30 days. It's somewhat relaxing because I really don't have to pressure myself to do anything but just watch and listen to waves mostly at night when it's less crowded.

Also I've been watching this TV show that gave me more wisdom and thoughts about my negative situation and how trivial it is if you step away from it.

I'm not a devoted christian but sometimes I listen to gospel and it relaxes my mind.

Recently I had more urges to talk to people because it gives me a feeling of relief and distracts my mind from negativity.

I started seeing a therapist which gives me a feeling of security.

This one guy I met was certified neuro linguistic program practitioner. He did a mind map technique that supposedly helped out with my anger when dealing with difficult situation. I don't know if it really worked or not but when he did that technique on me that day, I felt great. I felt so much relief. That day I've slept so well with such relief.

These are some examples that I've been doing to put my mind away from negativity.

Try commiting yourself to find whatever that you can do to put your mind off of negativity and see if it works or not. But you have to be committed. Committing yourself requires patience and practice as well.
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