I need Help, I Day Dream alll the time

Postby freelady » Sun Sep 25, 2005 1:59 am

Please help..
I'm 26 years old, working on my masters( very good student, my family loves me and support me alot, people like me in general, describe me as a happy person).. I used to day dream alot before.. but in last couple of years I start talking to my self, laughing to my self when no body is there, even in my car..
I imagine situations that will never happen.. I get involved in conversation with people I know when they are not there for hours.. I can't concentrate on my study any more.. from the moment I wake up I start dreaming and talking to my self all day!!! until I got exhasted of thinking..
I walk when I day dream in my house in circles some times between the rooms.. when I think I need to study I stop and start studying but after 10 min I start dreaming again..
I dream of all sort of things.. any thing you can imagine.. death of beloved ones, my death, fame, success, debates, miss world.. all kind of dreams..

help me please, I need to stop this.. and live like a normal person..
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Postby launchboxbill » Sun Sep 25, 2005 4:20 am

i used to do that all the time too, less these days though.

It does get in teh way with study sometimes.. but thats only when the study is not interesting, for me at least.

Is concentrationt eh only problem, or are there any emotional problems experienced in light of this daydreaming?
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Postby freelady » Sun Sep 25, 2005 11:24 pm

some times when i day dream of some thing bad it effects my mode and I may cry even if it is not real !
I feel i live most of the day in an imaginary world.. I hate this.. I mean I'm 26.. I should be more realistic...

do you think this is not normal?
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Postby launchboxbill » Mon Sep 26, 2005 1:33 am

well i wouldnt exactly call myself normal so the fact that I do it a fair bit wouldnt be signalling that directionn lol

if theres a problem then its in your power to stop doing it even though you want to. personally i like the drifts into imaginary. i try to imagine situations that ill actually be in though, so i rehearse them over and over, care-free because its all imaginary.

but if its making you get emotional then maybe its just your perspective and control over these daydreams. Like, when you are having conversations with imagined people, do you forget that its imaginary?

but most importatntly: when do the daydreams come on? when you are idle or any tiem at all, while you may be in the middle of a task or somethint? do you have any control inthe onset of them or will you just find yourself in teh day-dream-state all of a sudden wondering how you go there?
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Postby satanstoystore » Mon Sep 26, 2005 4:47 am

ok, my stepmother, who I trust implicitly, gave me a process to remedy many things. However I'd rather not post it for every one to just randomly try. I don't particularly like the process but if I had your challenges I'd certainly do it. It's not hard either. satanstoystore@aim.com
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Postby Alabama » Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:32 pm

What a relief to know it isn't jus me! I day dream none stop and often find myself putting on a CD of my favourite music and then spinning around the room with eyes closed imagining lots of ridiculous situations . I'm aware this is more than slightly eccentric behaviour and would be so embarrassed if a friend or anybody were to walk in on me doing this. I used to think that ot was ok, just a bit of escapism and my way of zoning out of my mundane and often diffiult life but now I think otherwise and am trying to knock my excessive daydreaming habit on the head!
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Postby Burton » Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:30 am

There is lots of evidence that the dream mode (REM) is the natural programming state of the brain - babies spend most of their time in dream state.

For babies the REM state is designed to program basic templates for living - crying, feeding, etc. In adults the REM state becomes the method we use to undo all the emotional impacts of the day. It is our system for deactiviating all the emotional triggers we have aroused, anger, fear, worry, etc.

For some people, excessive worrying or prolonged unfulfilled emotional expectations and concerns can lead to a REM state overload, and simple daydreaming (which all people slip into from time to time) becomes more vivid and real. That is, the dreaming brain seeps into the waking day.

So, any technique which helps to calm the emotions down will get to the root cause of the excessive and realistic daydreaming. Your brain has its own reality generator, and can conjure up vivid realities (as it does every night) and this generator is only activated by emotional arousal, so practice relaxation techniques to calm down the emotions.
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Postby thumb257 » Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:07 pm


I have no idea of what is going on? :o)


Postby OpBeat » Sun Oct 16, 2005 8:19 pm

I have this as well, but mine tends to be more controlled... I think yours is just a reaction to a stressed mind... that needs release. I uset to be in a constant day dream, life would sometimes filter through these dreams and I'd even confuse reality... pretty f***ed... in my opinion. But now I check myself when I start to indulge in these delusions, say come on, you don't need this, even if it happened in reality for you, you wouldn't like this... its an alternate world... where things can be erased and done again.. and sometimes I'd do it a million times. Maybe I'm treading on territory of another area far away from your ordeal, but it is healthy, as we all know, in small amounts... an overtake in your life... would have to have you to confront reality harshly and make some adjustments.. thats just my opinion. I found to discover a pattern in your fantasies as to what you seem to be longing or craving for ceases the dreaming... because when I realised I wanted admiration and attention so badly from certain people, I confronted this... and found I'm not concerned with how they interpret me and even if they do "admire" me it won't make my life anymore satisfying. Get what I'm saying? As a kid I uset to think alot about people dieing around me and the chain of events that would unravel after... all focusing on me and how self-concieted I was being. Thats one thing you should Really be alarmed about, how selfish and self-absorbed you may become by doing this, give yourself what it needs in this world... leave the dreaming to appropriate times.. but size up the motive for wanting to indulge in a certain thing before you get lost in it... you'll learn things about yourself and really help yourself in doing this.
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