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Postby Roady » Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:44 pm

Can you explain why it is so important that you want to connect to beautiful girls?

Will it easier for you if you approach not so beautiful girls?
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Postby jimmyh » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:20 pm

It’s a lot easier to not fear something if you don’t have the idea in mind that you’re supposed to do it. To give an example that is extreme to the point of absurdity, I am not afraid of stabbing myself with a knife despite how badly that could end. I simply, you know, don’t do it because it’d be bad. If I felt like I was *supposed to* for some odd reason, having to stab myself would probably scare the sh** out of me, at least at first.

To apply this to approaching the intimidating girls in the club, maybe you *shouldn’t* approach them.

It’s not what you want to hear, and who knows, maybe they’d want you. Maybe you’re the man, or maybe without approach anxiety you would be, and all you need to do is find the balls to approach and have all the most beautiful and most intimidating swooning for you. Or maybe *some* of them would swoon, and maybe the ones that don’t can’t hurt you anyway. People definitely fear things that they don’t need to fear, and this might be one of them for you. I have definitely seen people laugh off harsh rejections and gain respect, admiration, and even attraction for it - sometimes even from the girl that just rejected him.

However, that’s not true for everyone. Have you never seen that guy that approaches relentlessly, only to be shot down in an embarrassing fashion over and over and over…. Only he doesn’t seem to notice? I have. That guy wasn’t getting laid. He wasn’t cool. He was socially clueless because he had no feedback system to let him know “no, you *don’t* have a chance and by trying anyway you’re only making yourself *less* attractive by proving how clueless you are”. I’ve seen less extreme examples too - I’ve seen guys who actually have success with women blow it big time like this too, and lose all credibility and potential for attraction in the social circle where their “I shouldn’t worry about rejection” got them in trouble.

So you have some questions to ask yourself. “What is going to happen when I approach? Is there *actually* a chance that this girl will be interested in me? Should she be? Why?”. “If not, am I going to look clueless for not knowing she’s out of my league? Is there a response to rejection that leaves me in *better* social standing, not worse? If so what is it?”

The confident and socially savvy men aren’t intimidated by beautiful women. They will not cower in fear when you tell them to approach the group of women you find most “intimidating” - even when you say “approach more!”. They might approach, but they might not. They’ll probably look at you like you’re clueless for acting like you expect them to have anything to prove to you.

The confident and socially savvy men aren’t going to always approach the “intimidating” women because they won’t always *want* to. There won’t always be a reason to. They wouldn’t always succeed if they did either. The difference is that they are *okay* with that. The difference is that they aren’t afraid of facing the possibility that this particular beautiful woman wouldn’t want them and maybe even *shouldn’t* want them. The difference is that when they felt the sting of anticipated rejection, they knew it wouldn’t destroy them so they turned *into* it instead of away. The difference is that by not running from discomfort, they actually get to learn from feedback and gain the social acuity to know when advances are likely to be accepted and when they are not. When rejections are going to harm their social standing and when they raise it.

The guy I know who is best with women - and he’s *stunningly* good - does not numb himself to rejection. He doesn’t even approach women. He is more sensitive to it than anyone I know, and that is *why* he is so good. The difference is that it is not out of *weakness*. He’s not worried about *himself* getting rejected, he wants to make sure that his attention is wanted before giving it because he doesn’t want to be that clueless jerk that the girls have to get “rescued” from. He really really doesn’t want to be that guy. So he just doesn’t be that guy - he makes sure of it. He doesn’t approach because he doesn’t want to make women feel uncomfortable by “cornering” them. Instead, he catches their eye, smiles his disarming smile, and invites them over *to him*. And they come.

If you are socially savvy already and your fear really is irrational, you’ll know this. It happens. If this fear isn’t your subconscious mind’s way of warning you about what is going to happen if you approach, then this will be easy. Just picture things going *as expected*, or even *as poorly as could realistically happen*. Since you know things will go well you don’t have to try force your mind to see them “going well”, which is the hard part. You can just let your mind come up with what it comes up with and you’ll still get to see things going well, only your brain won’t see it as “pretend”/”forced” it’ll see it as “real”/”just how things are”. When you look for “just how things are” and it turns out good - and especially when you look at “worst it could really be” and it comes out okay, then your brain will realize there’s nothing to fear because it couldn’t even realistically be bad . Make sense?
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Postby Roady » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:06 am

No sorry, that doesn't make sense to me at all.

You have a problem inside while you are only pointing to "beautiful girls".
It's your insecurity, your low self-esteem and your fear.
You are using the word "intimidating" quiet often. These girls are not intimidating you, but because you have a problem you have the experience like that.

When you grow older and become some more adult, you will discover that "beautiful girls" just don't exist. You will see that you can love everybody no matter how they look at one moment.
What is beauty? Most of the beauty is created by makeup.

The time that I took my focus from "beautiful girls" and start focussing on other things, I start getting attracted by those girls. But I don't need them any more just to be myself and feel peaceful.

You better invest your time in learning how to build up a steady and healthy relationship imo.
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