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Postby turtleswim » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:54 pm

I am training to be a teacher. My focus is high school. I substitute teach at high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. I had a tough day last Friday. A couple 5th graders would not sit down. I tried verbal prompts but they did not work. I tried loud verbal prompts and that did not work. I tried calling in someone who simply chewed them out. That did not work. Finally a teacher came in and reminded me that I could send them to the office. What a relief! I also observe teachers for my program. I observed a similar situation yesterday. A student gets out of his seat and wanders around. It was Halloween so it was not too surprising that he was a bit hyper. I noticed that the teacher mostly ignored him. I think she was actively ignoring him. He would certainly have to go to the office if he gets out of his seat, walks across the room and bullies another student. This training experience is amazing and stressful. I guess that is good stress. Any teachers out there with students who habitually leave their seats? It seems to be a recurring theme.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:17 pm

You are making life more complicated than it actually is. Students in my classrooms NEVER habitually left their seats. Why in your classroom or school is it an issue, but in all my years of teaching it has never, ever been an issue with me or any teachers I know? How is that possible?

I will guess that you have not yet learned how to manage your classroom. There is no verbal warning, louder verbal warning, call another teacher, then send them to the office. That screams that you are timid, not in charge, and lack any real authority. Students will naturally take advantage.

When I have taught, any student that gets up for some unexplained reason, you ask them very directly, "What are you doing". If they have an actual legitimate reason, they will tell you. If they have any response that is other than appropriate you send them out of the class, send them to the office to wait, and then you personally go to the office and handle it after class. You don't have the principal or anyone else handle it, you handle it. Guess how many times you will have to send a student out of your class? Once if any. You will not have a second issue.

Note: I'm talking students past early elementary. By 3rd/4th grade students are more than capable and aware they stay in their seats unless an assigned activity,,etc. is taking place.
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