Assertive emotional expression

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All emotions are good, sadness, joy, anger, peace, love, fear, pride, guilt, all are good
I think being happy is much more than smiling all the time, feeling joy, peace and love
I think being happy is being able to experience all the emotions, and being able to express them accurately.
Without repressing, without forcing, without denying, simply being natural, spontaneous, integrated, honest with oneself and with others.
Can be difficult, because sometimes we are accustomed to the politically correct, for work issues we have to repress certain aspects of our being and also force some aspects of our being
But it is not possible to live in a state of inner division for a long time, one wants to be free, and the mind always tries to express itself, to express the repressed, through dreams, failed acts, lapses
Sometimes we feel many emotions, and we can not express it as we would like, and are repressed within us as a trauma
And then move those repressed emotions to new situations by overturning the entire psychic load of those repressed emotions
This in psychoanalysis is called "displacement"

For example, at work we get angry at something that says a partner or our boss, and since we can not express our anger, we repress it, but later when we get home, we get angry with the dog, or with our son or our partner , for something he did, but in reality, our expression has the plus, of the emotional load felt in that previous situation at work

Usually we never live or express emotions in the real time we feel, sometimes we do not know how to express in words what we feel and sometimes it takes years to put into words the emotions we feel for a certain situation, that's called "Emotional illiteracy"

The emotions are part of our more infantile nature, it is part of our primitive nature, the brain evolved, however the rational part, the prefrontal cortex was the last to develop, before our brain had a strong emotional component and today also. We usually think that human beings are rational beings with emotions, but if we observe the evolution of the brain we could say that we are emotional beings that we learned to reason

There are some activities that can help a person to improve their skills with emotions, such as theater, music, singing, have a personal diary to express everything you feel and think, can be a great help to develop greater emotional intelligence
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