My way out of depression and fear of social interactions

Postby Andrej Rudans » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:05 pm

Hey everyone, I just want to quickly introduce myself. My name is Andrej and I currently live and study in Germany. I can really relate to all the guys suffering with depression, social anxiety, fear of rejection, negative thinking etc. Had to deal with a lot of it and more until the point I realized only I was responsible for the future success in my life.

I started to work on myself, went outside to put myself out there, read tons of books about male and female psychology, social interactions, anxiety, personal development, spirituality etc. and did my research on how to overcome our fears and become a happier person with high self esteem and deep confidence.

I think success and self-actualization is a journey, not a destination. Same as overcoming the fear of social interactions and creating a great lifestyle. Since the start of my journey I learned a lot and changed completely who I was before. Surely I still have fears like everyone else but my approach to it is different now and im actually happy and excited to face them.

I am at a point now where im completely at ease with myself in almost any situation and just remain grounded and confident in my faculties. In fact I even started a YouTube channel and other social media platforms to share my experiences and ways to overcome every challenge people might have in their life, coaching friends and people I know in Germany with social challenges and exercises, in different cities to get them outside the box and tackle their fears one by one.

Nowadays it feels really great to just be here on earth. That was not always the case. I am really passionate to help as many people as possible who struggle with all that negative stuff.

Personally I never had a mentor or a person who would share their wisdom with me and I really needed that in my life so I want to provide the help other guys might need to become a better version of themself and start living the life they actually want. I hope to read a lot of good things in this forum and if you have any questions just hit me up on twitter @andrejrudans

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