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Postby federico91 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:57 pm

From my earliest childhood I had communication problems, not only in public, but also to express my thoughts, my feelings, I always had difficulties, however with time it has served me, to sing in part, today I am still shy to sing In public but when I am alone I feel comfortable singing in my own way and expressing my deepest feelings, and that makes me feel more relaxed because in all communication, whether in public or directed towards a person, there are two main components, the Content of the message, and the emotional content of the message, which includes tone of voice, facial gestures and body language, is nonverbal

Without doubt, what helps me most, partly to improve the technique in communication is to read aloud being alone, whenever I'm alone at home I read aloud, and that allows me to imagine that I am reading to other people or That I am addressing other people, with time and practice it is possible to enjoy that activity, at first one is uncomfortable with effort and lack of ability, but over time, one can begin to detect the different tones of Their own voice, and recognize different emotional states within one and accept them, be comfortable with all emotional states, and tune the vocal cords

Sometimes when speaking in public we have a personal image, we can feel that it can be "tarnished" if our voice sounds shivering, that is why it is very important to train the voice, as a bodybuilder trains his body, much of the performance of a physical bodybuilder happens offstage, sometimes it is thought that to improve communication in public it does not take anything more than to speak and speak in public until losing the shame, however to develop the technical part off the stage is very important and one of those ways is reading in high voice when you have time and space,
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Postby cynthialeighton » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:33 pm

Practice makes a difference, doesn't it? That's what I do too. Get practice :-)
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