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Hi dear

Myself Tauheed from Pakistan age 31 I have anxiety dont know why when and how it started. Way back 4 years I m under this anxiety my anxiety is that I feel my bp is high or things come in mind that I hav a heart problem even pain in my leg or neck or anywhere sometime my mind goes in point I may have heart attack etc etc and this goes on for sometime very long even for hours and days.

Dear I have read many things ways to control anxiety I have a simple question even asked so many times to doctors does not get anything.

Does gas in stomatch creates messages in mind that produces anxiety ?
Or something in mind starts gas in stomatch and then it produce anxiety ?

My anxiety is that I feel ohhh something is going on I may die I will have heartattach and this go and go.

Why anxiety incurr I do pray to Lord as well to get rid of this I am a business man international freightforwarder and custom broker if my shipment may go wrong anxiety accurs if some work gone wrong anxiety accurs if some financial problem my anxiety and panic attacks starts ...

Please response me please
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Postby federico91 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:09 pm

You can calm your mind by practicing meditation or mindfulness

Anxiety is desire of the future, depression desire of the past, the balance is "here and now" to learn to be here and now, and enjoy what is, here and now is a principle to be calm, Buddha said that desire is the cause of suffering, Freud said that the unconscious is formed by repressed desires therefore to be aware, you need to be here and now free from desires, the word "Buddha" means one who is awake, conscious
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