Moving on with my life (quitting again!)


Postby EdenG » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:20 am

I smelt some last night when walking home and actually put me off a little, so very pleased about that. :shock: :lol: 8)

So good and amazing to hear that it was actually a little off-putting! I cannot even imagine the smell of weed being off-putting at this stage... :)
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Postby jayc93 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:28 pm

keep it up your doing amazingly well ive just decided to quit after 10 years of smoking cannabis . Mainly because of anxiety / dp and also feeling like iv got nothing / wasted a huge amount of time being stoned it robs you of your future and being able to see life in the way everyone should see it (clearly) i myself have tried to quit many times but this time im more determined than ever. i just cant help think about the school years being stoned in GCSES not good! and now regret that for the rest of my life 14 and smoking cannabis when the brain is still growing no wonder i feel years behind old skool m8s who have got alot i havent. cannabis robbed me of a decent future . time to create a future now no more lazy messed up days thanks for all the motivation you have given me :) lifes a bitch with jane so dont marry her !
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Postby Wave » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:43 pm

Day 279 (9.2 Months)


Great to see so many new people here trying to make a positive change, will try and post on your threads when I get a second.

Not been here much, still quit but did slip up once about 3 weeks ago. Made the mistake of going to a party and got wasted and on the way down had a smoke. Not happy about it and more annoyed I put myself in that situation. The following week was tough, not as in wanting to smoke again which I was happy about but seriously messed up my brain and mood for at least a week, plus sleep was super hard too.

Feel better again and a dose of withdrawal reminded me how I need to keep going on this quit. I have tried and failed so many times I am 100% exhausted from the process and pleased this slip up didnt end the quit.

Trying to keep up exercise and this helps massively, and I feel so much worse when I am not running/gym.

Im an excited to hit a year (again lol) and know this time I can see 2 years!!
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Postby BCBUDFREE » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:56 am

Good on you man. I wouldn't beat yourself up about one slip up. The thought of going down the rabbit hole and then Starting all over quitting has kept me from slipping up many times.

I am getting to know my clear mind now. You too I bet

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Postby Wave » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:36 am

Day 299

Hey all,

Just wanted to put in a quick update to say things are all good and no been tempted to smoke again. It is amazing how much easier the withdrawal is when you only smoke one evening opposed to daily for a period of time. That said, the week after reminded why it is not worth it.

I have stopped smoking cigs when out and sometime in the evening too which I am very happy about. Went out last night and was the first time I didnt end up having a cig which was great. Feel like I am fully back in control of my life and got up last Sunday and did 10km run with a couple of friends, would never have done that when i was a stoner!! The money saved also is amazing.

Great to see so many people on here trying to quit. Was talking with some friends about new years and reminded me how I was smoking lots then and reminded me how far I have come. Excited to make a year (again lol).
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