Why is quitting coffee so difficult?

Postby slick_willy » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:57 pm

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I used this forum to help me quit weed (which I am at about 15 months with no relapses or anything, and owe a lot of it to the support I got through this forum... and life is WAY better without it!)

I have been trying to make life changes to bring me to a more positive place where I have a better energy and mood and can attract more positivity into my life. I have been in school for engineering and am graduating this December, and after a tough break up last July, I have quit taking benzodiazepines for anxiety, and instead I exercise quite a lot and spend my time on electronics projects and doing more constructive things, in general.

So I have been trying to quit coffee for maybe the last year, and it has been even harder to quit than marijuana has. It goes like this: I drink some coffee for maybe a few days, or weeks, or months (I drink more of it when I'm in school because I feel it gives me extra energy and focus although I know this isn't true.) Then it will make me anxious/irritable/impulsive and so I swear it off and quit. The first day or two is kind of blah, with somewhat improved mood and less tension in my chest, and I can feel the sense of peace inside myself that coffee obstructs with its unceasing sense of urgency, like I have to get something done and now. So the first few days are good, usually days 3 to 5 are no problem, I have good mental focus and am very relaxed and sleep is good.

Then I get to the rough patch which usually begins at about day 6 (which is where I am right now.) I get this really bllahhhh, like gray dull kind of feeling that nothing is satisfying, everything is boring and just sucks, and I get very little enjoyment from anything. I try to ignore this feeling and let it be, but it is so persistent and it doesn't go away, and all the time there is a little voice saying "just a tall iced coffee from Starbucks and you'll feel like a million bucks." This might sound ridiculous to some people since this forum has a lot more hardcore addictions on it, but this has been a really bad addiction cycle I have been going through for a long time and I want to get past it.

So my question is, has anyone here successfully quit coffee, and if so, did you experience something similar? Does your interest / joy in life come back? Like I don't expect to be full of energy 100% of the time, but there is just like a dull numbness along with a strong desire to just go grab a cup of coffee. It serious sounds so f***ing good right now and this is much tougher than people give it credit for (or maybe I'm just not as strong as I hope I could be!)

Anyways thanks to everyone who reads and/or replies to this, and good luck and much love to everyone

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Postby DaWickerMan777 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:37 pm

This is just my suggestion. I switched to decaf coffee. You see, my favorite coffee was the Marley brand. They have a bunch of k-cup styles. But I wanted to quit caffeine. So I tried the decaf brand. It's a good placebo. I don't have that caffeinated hook anymore, and I still get the taste of coffee. Decaf still does have SOME caffeine in it, just a very low amount. In my opinion, it's a good placebo that should help you on your quitting journey. Aside from decaf, and some tea, I haven't had any other coffee at all this year. I'm at the point where I don't need regular coffee anymore (I have it once a month I think, just for pleasure), and with a little bit of sleep I have plenty of energy and have returned to my old self.

Also, there is nothing ridiculous about caffeine addiction. Coffee is an addictive substance and caffeine is a stimulant. Consuming way too much of it can lead you to have some serious health problems for you down the road. I have a friend who consumed way too much coffee and Rockstar energy drinks. Now, he can't have any caffeine due to serious anxiety levels.

I say try decaf, yeah it's watered down coffee, but it can be the beginning of a good taper for you to completely get off of regular coffee.

Best of luck with your progress.
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Postby Soberchic » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:26 am

Nice to here that you have 15 months clean from weed slick willy...im sure coffee is like other addictions and it takes time to feel better..i have cut down but never quit coffee some say switching to green tea instead.. I do have a few questions to ask about your recovery from weed..im at 9 months and i get terrible headaches and just feel so blah and irritable..im in recovery from other addictions such as alcohol opiates benzos and crack which i have over 5 yrs. Is this normal from weed??? I thought it would be easier considering what i already went thru 5 yrs ago. If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome..i just got on prozac for depression/mood disorder. I go to meetings, workout, and try to do fun activities. Please share if you can
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Postby Sunnylove711 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:22 pm

Gosh I don't know what to say I have the same problem. Coffee is so good. and it keeps you going. I think the best way to quit is doing smoothie replacements and exercising more. Also a good organic type of vitamins. B12 shots work as well. and hardcore meditation and relaxation techniques to fix sleep rhythm and then you won't need coffee cause you will be naturally energized enough. Anyways this all here takes WORK. Coffee is a quick fix this is why so many depend on it. So stay strong and try it anyways if it doesn't work go back to coffee.
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Postby JoeBloggs » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:28 pm

You could drink more tea. There is a good forum called teachat. I like pu-erh and Assam which are both black teas which I drink with milk.
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Postby tipsy » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:56 am

Caffeine is a stimulant which affects the central nervous system, heart and muscles. This reduces physical and mental fatigue and can increase mental alertness. It's half life is usually around 6hrs for a healthy adult, infants 18hrs and some adults with reduced liver function it has been recorder to be over 100hrs.

You'll just be going through caffeine withdrawal. Wait it out a few weeks and your energy levels will come back to normal.

I;ve been off it for around a year now(use to love the strong espresso), 1st six months I had none at all and the past six months I've had an espresso here and there. I really notice the strong effects if I have one now and would have trouble sleeping and be slightly anxious for a couple of days after. I feel much better without and feel really relaxed, rested, much better sleep, with much greater energy returning after a couple of months.

When I first stopped I switched to a Chinese herbal tea called Five Flowers for a couple of months, was actually quite tasty and think it did have quite a calming effect.

This instant herbal drink powder is made from honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, silk cotton, Plumeria rubra and Pueraria lobata. This beverage can cleanse heat and expel dampness and anti-inflammation, which helps to alleviate symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, indigestion, poor appetite, insomnia and urinary difficulty.
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Postby slick_willy » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:18 am

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am currently on day #7 of no coffee, which is the farthest I've gotten so far.

I always try to keep to a bunch of rules for myself (which is not always the healthiest thing, I know) like with my diet, caffeine, and how I spend my time and stuff. For right now, my ONLY rule is that I do not want to drink coffee. So if I have a day where I eat ice cream and watch Netflix, that's okay as long as I don't have coffee. It has seemed to work so far and I have only had one of those days. I am usually very healthy and go to a boxing gym which is a great workout.

So I am on day seven, trying to keep it going. I was stressed out today at work and almost convinced myself to get my beloved iced coffee, but I thought better of it and just let my desires burn away in time. I do drink iced tea though, since I don't get any of the shotgun-blast-of-caffeine effects I seem to get from coffee. I don't even notice it and I drink herbal tea at night.

That's about it, gonna make it to 30 days and see how I feel. I have had pretty low moods lots of the time but I suspect that will come around, and it is also a result of how I spend my time. I feel more positive when I do stuff like grab a guitar and practice singing in silly voices than I do watching Netflix all day... although Game of Thrones is starting soon...

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Postby slick_willy » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:15 am

Day 12
I think today was day 12 of no coffee. This is the farthest I've made it since I started drinking coffee at maybe around 16 or 17. I have better energy in the morning and seem to wake up way easier. I am much less impulsive and feel less rushed and more at peace. I also feel brain fogged sometimes but that might just be life, haha. It happens. My motivation is mediocre... I have been going to the gym 2x to 3x a week and doing intense workouts and my diet has been mostly good days with about one cheat day per week. Now I think I'm past the worst or coffee withdrawal so I want to focus on diet and how I spend my time... like instead of watching YouTube for two hours, maybe work on music or do something creative. But the no coffee goal is #1 above all and I am already seeing big benefits from it.


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Postby slick_willy » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:36 am

Day 17

Feeling much better... I felt pretty depressed the first couple weeks and also some mild anxiety. I also cheated on my diet a few times but have not drank coffee since over two weeks ago. I have tea everyday, although it only amounts to maybe 50mg per day compared to around 140 mg per cup of coffee.

So yeah... it's going good. Trying to keep it going. Anybody else on a similar journey feel free to chime in with your experience, and much love to everyone on this forum!

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Postby mindtester » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:11 pm

Quitting coffee is so difficult because its such a good artificial stimulant. Not much else compares to it in terms of what the caffeine and sugar does to the body. One way to approach this would be to put less sugar in your coffee or even less flavor if that helps. Slowlywork your way towards tea and/or water
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