Help ! Quitting Weed after 17yrs Daily Use

Postby ChristinefromAUST » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:28 am

HI all. I'm really glad to have found this website, as I have been looking for some support whilst going through withdrawals !! So I have smoked daily for 17yrs (at my worst smoking half ounce per week) I decided to give it up due to mental health, lung issues and to save $$ .. Im not anti-cannabis Im just anti 'smoking'.. because it's illegal in Aust its very expensive, so most of us mix it with tobacco = really bad for the lungs. I'm on day 15 of my withdrawal, I've had lots of issues, really bad insomnia, which has now resolved and turned into just wanting to sleep all the time ! have been dreaming so much that it's actually becoming exhausting, I'm waking up so tired, but first time I've dreamt in probably 17yrs !! In the last couple of days I have become quite sick with some type of virus, like I've got a really bad flu, night sweats, no appetite, no desire to get out of bed or do anything, I just want to sleep and cry. One of the reasons I gave up smoking is because I was starting to suffer quite severe Anxiety attacks every time I smoked, it was like my body was forcing me to give it up, so I've listened, but now I feel like I'm getting depression, I'm questioning everything, my whole life, even my relationship with my partner, I feel I don't even know who I am, what I want in life or what makes me happy, Im so apathetic towards everything and its scaring me. I took holidays from work for 2wks while I begin the process, but I'm returning to my crappy job in 2 days, I know it's going to be challenging for me but I'm more determined than I have ever been in my life and honestly don't even miss smoking, so I think this time Im going to succeed this time ! I just feel really down and like I've got no support and like nobody understands and I've got nobody to talk to about it, there are literally no support groups in Aust for this, my partner has a 'you'll be right' attitude, it will pass, I don't think he quite realises how serious this is and just how bad I'm feeling. I'm wondering if anybody has any tips they can give me for my recovery to make things easier ? Any supplements, amino acids, etc proven to help ? And I would love to hear from anybody else who has come through withdrawals after smoking for a really long time, or anybody that can offer me any type of support would be really appreciated. Cheers, Christine.
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