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tells the legend that human beings are beings of energy .. light beings .. of electricity .. and that science confirms it .. light and electricity are the composition of the universe ... the atoms ... are systems of energy .. of positively charged protons, with neutrons in the nucleus..and negatively charged electrons spinning around ..

we are beings of light, beings of electricity, of energy ... and the ancient orientals ... as apparently they had nothing to do .. they had more time to discover and investigate their own being .. this is how acupuncture was born .. discipline that studies different energy centers in the body, or kinesiology ... or the study of chakras ..

the world of the chackas seems very complex ... because first of all we do not see it ... sometimes we completely ignore it .. but authors like Barbara Brennan .. always pose that many health problems even ... are related to energy imbalances of the different chackas ... chackas that can be in conflict of other lives .. or in this life .. in relation to other people ...

in philosophy is the famous phrase "know yourself" ... from the spiritual point of view ... meditate on the different chackas .. it is a way to expand that knowledge of oneself ... in each chacka .. there are different emotions ... and different connections with other people .. without a doubt .. in meditation ... in solitude ... no matter how much you want to give up the ego .. the most likely is to meet ... with many connections .. in the different chakkas ... with other people ... in the heart chak .. for example .. if we pay attention to the heart ... in the heartbeat ... and in the breath ... we can experience a great variety of feelings...

the same in all the chackas .. if we pay attention to the throat in meditation ... and we observe the rhythm of the breathing and the heartbeats .. if we meditate on the chakka .. sooner or later ... inwardly surely we can be expressing different ideas ..

the blockages in the chackas .. arise when for example we pay attention to a farm and we are stuck .. nothing flows .. neither the breath .. nor the beating of the heart .. or sometimes ... we do not even want to see what it is that there are different chakras ... for example the heart chak .. sometimes men ... we prefer to live more in the mind ... in the mind we can feel more confident with ideas ... but in the heart ... we can feel very vulnerable .. and in meditation there are no certainties .. there is no rationalism .. only pure empiricism .. uncertainty .. what is in a moment .. can change the next moment .. is a rhythm. .. like the weather ... like the breath ... the heartbeat .. and every heartbeat .. every breath .. has a different quality .. different sensations .. different emotions ... different thoughts ... and there is no way to classify or define "this is a,b or c"

the internal states .. are experiences .. that often can not be classified with words ..

sometimes one with so much inner incentive .. you can think "I better do something more productive than looking inside myself" looking inside is something that has no end .. one can go on and on ... and there are always new things. the inner world ... can be as wide as the outside world ... and stay to contemplate any world sometimes seems boring .. sometimes it is better to dedicate yourself to do more productive things ... but it is true that sometimes it is necessary .. observe .. grow in introspection .. in order to grow in self-knowledge ... if we only live pending from the outside world .. we can know a lot of things .. we can begin to suppose .. we know the lives of many people .. we can begin to suppose that we know what are the failures and victories of many famous people .. we can adopt an attitude of soccer technical director .. and start to think about other people .. and in that process we can lose ourselves most important ... of the internal analysis ..

and many times the ego ... is like a curtain that prevents us from seeing our true self .. the ego .. the idea of ​​"me" is reinforced when we cling to the idea of ​​"you" .. when inside of us. .. we stop having different ideas about the other ... to sustain an idea of ​​"I" .. it is at that moment .. in which we can face our harsh reality .. in solitude ... without support or support. from one another ... and sometimes only when we look at ourselves ... we can begin to recognize the different aspects that we would have to change ... sometimes we just live distracted .. thinking about others .. what we think others would have to change ... we can even get angry ... and hold that anger towards other people ... because somehow ... the fact of thinking about other people ... also works as a curtain to face their own reality ..
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