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Postby rsaindo » Thu Aug 26, 2004 6:49 pm

Well I never thought I would be on this side of the fence. I lost my Father to Lou Gehrig's disease in April, that was a tough battle for all involved, at the same time, I dissolved my four year relationship with my now to be ex-boyfriend. I started having horrible vivid and graphic nightmares, it's too a point where now I'm even having day nightmares. I went and saw my Family Practitioner and she wants to put me on Paxil for anxiety and depression. I told her I don't feel depressed, but I truthly am filled to the gills with anxiety. I have a very high pressured job. I've had some intermittent therapy for the death of my Dad and loss of a four year relationship with my ex.

Has anyone experienced this? Do these nightmares go away with time? If I were to start taking something like Paxil, does that dub me as depressed?

I personally don't like the thought of medication to handle something like this, but I can tell this anxiety is tampering with my moods lately.

Any suggestions :shock:
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Postby Jill Wootton » Fri Aug 27, 2004 3:30 pm

Hi Rsaindo

Sounds like you have had a tough time, it is not suprising that you have been having high levels of anxiety at the moment.

Have a look at our this will help you to understand techniques that will help you to relax, which is what your body really needs to do right now. All that has happened has put that brain/body on to high alert making it run on high levels of adrenalin, bring this down and you will begin to sleep better and feel calmer.

The drugs thing has to be your decision but it is worth giving the self help stuff a real go and see what difference you can make yourself

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