I need to meet someone new, to get over my loneliness.

Postby Lamerica » Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:17 am

For those of you who read my previous post. How do i get my ex girlfriend back?
I now feel ready to move on and meet someone new. After months of heartache, I've finally had enough. She doesn't want me, she makes me feel bad, and I know I'm a much better peron than how she's made me feel.
I still speak to her, but find her slightly irritating now, and quite rude, that she can dismiss our time together as a bad time.

I definetely want to meet someone new. I really enjoy being in a relationship and hate living alone and cooking for one.

The problem lies in meeting someone new. I just can't seem to meet anyone I click with.

I've tried online dating (no one ever replies)
Go to dance classes (Lots of women there, so I thought I'd have a good chance, but so far none)
Go to the pub with friends.
Go to the gym.

Has anyone got any suggetsions where and how I can meet a new love interest. How did you meet your current or ex partner?

I'm not desperate (although it may sound like it) Just want to get myself into situations where I can meet people, rather than sitting on the couch thinking about things.

Any advice?
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Postby Psy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:38 am

Yes, work on yourself, don't go to love let love come to you. I know it sounds retarded especially after the pain you feel. But think of it this way, what happenes when you chase something lets say a cat. What does it do? It runs away. But if you stay in one place and encourage it, it will come to you. Now how can you apply that? Well that’s where work on you comes in play. You might be going to all the right places but if your still feeling down you might be showing it, so what you feel on the inside you show on your outside. That’s why it’s so hard, you have to work on you, and it sounds like your trying. Yet at the same time it sort of sounds like your just out for a women, remember women can smell desperation. You need to be mysterious and spontaneous. Once you start caring about yourself, I’m damn sure you won’t have a problem finding a girl. Hell it honestly worked a lot for me. I don't even want a girl right now, but I working on myself and I swear to you, I always tried to get them, and now that I’m barely paying attention and really just focused on me, I seem to have alot more opportunities. So keep working out but do it for you, go dancing but do it you. Just remember you come first and girls will see your confidence and want it.
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Postby Lamerica » Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:54 am


That was a very encouraging read. I am trying to do things for me.
At times it can be difficult to get out and do things for myself. I'm currently doing some diy on the house, and getting out more than I ever did.

But I still feel lonely, and can't always rely on my friends, as most are usually busy with their own lives.
so I find myself doing all these activities alone and no one to share them with. I do enjoy myself, but sometimes end up talking to no one for days about it.
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Postby Psy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:09 am

Hey man its always good to talk. let it out and we will listen. Hey man I knwo what your going through and it is not easy. Thats why you have to stay busy or you will just sit and think, then dwell, then start rackign your brian over why it happend. Really though I think we both did enough of that now lets use our energy for better things.
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Postby Lamerica » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:23 pm


I really appreciate all the advice. I'm so glad that I've finally got my ex out of head.

Still think of her on the odd occassion.
But I now know that I don't need her, and am really looking forward to meeting someone new.

She's fallen off the pedestal, I've been putting her on all this time.

Any other advice welcome
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Postby angryman26 » Fri Sep 29, 2006 12:55 am

attraction is a strange thing. the more u don't want a girl, the more they want u.

it's hard for a guy to move on and hook up when their confidence, ego, etc... has been destroyed. women can sense a guy who isn't confidence which they stay away from.

psy has given you some great advise!

after a breakup, it might be good to hook into the other sex but it's best to find comfort within yourself. your wounds will not heal otherwise. and just like wounds that u don't give them time to heal, they only get worst.

i recommend and so do the professionals after a long term relationship, take a year off and just be you.

there is nothing wrong with being single. i look at all my single friends as happy people compare to my friend who are in relationships where most of them aren't happy. i start to feel sorry for these people!
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