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Postby GaryE » Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:36 am

Hi all,

One of the things that caused me to understand my own addiction to marijuana was learning that it was all my own fault and that I was being driven solely by fear. I believe that fear is the root cause of our addiction and is the one thing that creates withdrawal symptoms, cravings and discomfort when we give up.

In my opinion the real key to success is to avoid using will power completely. We naturally are conditioned to think that the only way to give up is by using will power or (if addicted to nicotine) gums and patches etc. Well this is the worst thing to do because when we rely solely upon will power and force our bodies to do something that we don't want them to do it creates stress. And as I'm sure you are aware stress is certainly not something we need because it creates the desire to smoke or relax (use marijuana).

We have to first take accountability for everything in our lives. Everything we have drawn into our lives is a result of our past thoughts and actions. As soon as you can step up to the mark and realize that it is YOU who have become addicted and it is your own fault then you can start to see things in a different light. Making excuses is a form of blame which in turn gives your great powers away. Start taking responsibility for your own actions, you will find it quite empowering and be able to make the shift from where you may currently be to where you want to be.

Marijuana is able to suppress anxiety or fear which leaves you in a state of habit and addiction. You must understand this because without you will be relying on willpower alone and chances are things will get too much for you and you will be back to where you were. So, the root cause of addiction is fear.

How do we overcome our fear?
There are many methods out there, but my personal favorite is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I think it has been talked about on these forums before and I'm not sure how highly it is regarded - but for me it has been a very special tool in overcoming anything. Some people may type and say "well, it doesn't work for me". I say that we as humans are all the same, we work with the same bodies and the same underlying principles. The only reason it wouldn't work for you is a) if you don't believe in it & b) if you do not practice it correctly. Fact is EFT is good but only lasts for a few hours at a time which is why repetition is the key to success.

I suggest you research EFT further if you are serious about using it's methods and do not solely rely upon someone’s word of mouth. Go to google and type "eft therapy" the first link on there is phenomenal and will certainly help you. (Hope this doesn't breach any forum admin rules!)

Can you rely solely upon EFT? Yes and No. You must discover first your fears and why you are suppressing them. Use EFT to overcome these fears. You will see magnificent results and your body will no longer feel the need to give you sleepless nights, or cravings for something that is not addictive.
You may need to use willpower but if so only do so in small bursts. Never rely upon it to succeed, otherwise you will experience similar results as the thousands who try to give up using willpower but end up relapsing. I’ve seen people do this over 5 times before and still wonder why they are not getting the results they desire.

Lastly, I just want to touch on belief. Belief is more powerful than you may know about. Do you remember what a placebo is? A placebo is basically a sugar pill but when it was given to a patient and they were told it was real medicine to heal them the effects from the placebo were outstanding. You see when the patient believed that it was medicine and something that could cure them their bodies started to heal themselves because they BELIEVED they were being healed.

Your mind is more powerful than we know about. And if you believe something it will come true to you. Believe you do not smoke marijuana, believe you are not addicted, believe what you want to believe and start to see some amazing results. Now wishful thinking does not work, you must believe it and have not one seed of doubt. Trick your subconscious mind to believe and you shall have what you most desire. If you need proof of this, then I suggest you look into quantum-physics. Recent developments have uncovered that what the mind conceives true is true for their surroundings. Scientists were baffled when they were doing tests on atoms etc only to find that what one scientist believed true of an atoms behavior was correct for them, and yet a different scientist would get completely different results because what they perceived as true was different.

Okay that's enough from me. I hope some of this has been helpful.
And if you haven't already tried it, get into EFT and learn, learn, learn! It will certainly benefit you.

All my best,
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Postby A_Seekers_Heart » Sun Oct 08, 2006 12:21 pm

Gary, I, also, don't believe in willpower. I do, however, truly believe in self-control. What's the difference? It's a true fruit..perhaps where the term 'different as apples and oranges'. But if I don't use it, it will wither and rot. If I nurture it, it will grow and become sweeter.
I have not attempted EFT, sounds....interesting.
Thank you for your honesty and knowledge. It's appreciated.
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Postby GaryE » Sun Oct 08, 2006 12:54 pm

Hi A Seekers Heart, thanks for your reply.

From my understanding, willpower is when you decide to do something against what you desire and you require the use of an extra source of restraint in order to achieve the goal. So will power is more like forcing yourself.

Self-control aka self-discipline in my view is when you quite healthily decide against something for the greater good. Ie. You restrain yourself from eating the whole cake because we know it will make you sick and unwell. By using self discipline we can enjoy life more by reserving ourselves and treasuring the moments that we endulge and experience joy, happiness, pleasure, etc. If we experience them too much they become accustomed and stop being as pleasurable or require more of the thing we indulge in - to experience the same result.

So, will power is forcing yourself. Self-discipline is reserving ourselves for the greater good. That is my opinion.

Both experiences are actually quite similar when you break them down.

So can we use self-discipline to stop smoking marijuana? In my experience self-discipline would come into play when for eg. I had an interview to go to. I would use self-discipline to not smoke before the interview because I knew it was for the greater good and I wouldn't get the job etc if I was under the influence. The cravings and urge to smoke would not be there before the interview because of a different fear. However as soon after the interview had finished, self-discipline would go out of the window and "normal" routine would come flooding back.

I hope this helps, if not let me know.
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Postby jurplesman » Mon Oct 09, 2006 6:40 am

Well I am not a great b believer in will power, which is a myth. The reality is that addiction cannot be willed away, simply because we are dealing with a metabolic disorder - a medical condition - that cannot be talked out of your system. But if you insist in believing it I suggest you join AA.

Most addicts are found to be hypoglycemic that can cause depression and anxiety attacks. Smoking pot is an antidote to excess adrenaline production . If we can stop this excess adrenaline production we can overcome addiction.

Thus the first step in addiction treatment is goping on a Hypoglycemic Diet.
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