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shortness of breath and coughing when I laugh

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Author Thread
Junior Member

Joined: 19 Dec 2006
Posts: 27
Location: Devon

Post Thu Dec 28, 2006 11:51 pm

shortness of breath and coughing when I laugh    Reply with quote  

Hi everyone

I thought I had got over this shortness of breath but no at work today it started all over again. I was a bit stressed but the more I thought about it the more breathless I became. I was out tonight and when I started to laugh I began coughing. I felt really miserable Maybe I should go see a doctor. I am thinking about it all the time and then the shortness of breath starts. Anyone have any tips
Maynard F.Periwinkle
Preferred Member

Joined: 26 Nov 2006
Posts: 461

Post Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:12 am

   Reply with quote  

definetly see a doctor first to rule out anything more serious... or possibly if it's allergies

it sounds like hyperventilation - usually when you think about your breathing you breathe far too much - and this leads to over-breathing and all the anxiety, feeling like you can't take a deep breath, etc.

the old way to treat this was to breathe into a paper bag - but this can be a little unsafe... you can instead breathe slowly and relaxed into your hands cupped over your mouth and nose, or breathe into a sweater/shirt... just helps get the CO2 back up

CO2 and oxygen have to be in balance for the lungs and aerobic system to function properly

if you've been overbreathing for a long time, sometimes tired respiratory muscles can you feel short of breath when you laugh/shout/talk - very common in actors and singers...

really you need to set aside a few times a day to lie down and exhail completely by relaxing your lungs... wait until the urge to breathe in again and let your lungs breathe themselves with minimal exertion... there's a physiological breathing reflex you need to engage
New Member

Joined: 29 Dec 2006
Posts: 7

Post Fri Dec 29, 2006 1:01 am

Souns like asthma!    Reply with quote  

Hi, I started to have this when I was 19. Stress is no help to be sure. Sometimes if I am upset my asthma will feel worse when I start to think about it. It feels like I am suffocating.

When I would cough I would not know why I would go into a coughing fit...it was because there was extra crap in my bronchial tubes and I did not connect these things until I saw a doctor.

Go to a GP!

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