I can't keep a job, what is it?

Postby TalkingTomato » Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:07 am

I want to try and get as much information as possible for better responses/advice. Since I was sixteen years old, I have never kept a job for long. I am 21 and a full-time college student who has been in and out of (mostly full-time) jobs since I have graduated high school. Finding jobs isn't the problem for me, when it comes to interviews I pretty much nail 1 out of 3. I have even been hired on the spot a few times. This past year I was by 3 different employers. I quit 1 job and was fired from the others. I was just fired last friday from my most recent job, I had only worked there 4 days. My self-esteem is getting pretty low because of my past job experience. It's very difficult for me to find somewhere I can fit in. The job that I had worked at the longest this year was with all men. And the two jobs I was fired from had the majority of female workers. I think it might be being in an environment with females. Although I am one myself, I find it hard to connect and relate to other females. On top of that, I am kind of a job snob also... I won't work certain jobs because of pay or type; I only work office. I think I am a hard-worker and sometimes people take that the wrong way. I find that I get in and get out without stopping and socializing too much with other co-workers. I don't know. The last company I was with, I didn't socialize but I added a few jokes and smiles, but I mostly worked. When I was fired the HR person told me that I wasn't what they were looking for. I really have no idea what that means, if I wasn't what they were looking for they shouldn't have offered me the job. :\ I am confused. I refuse to work part-time because it isn't enough money, and the sad thing is that full-time is barely enough as well. I don't know what to do. It's New Years Day and all I can think about is how unsatisfied I will be in my next job. I jump into jobs and work my butt off, and get no where. I can't stand this mediocre entry-level office/admin work. But if I keep getting fired, is it me being disatisfied and subconciously sabotaging employment opportunities or am I really a horrible worker with no people skills what-so-ever? Any comments? Maybe some of you know of professional surveys I can take that'll help me out, or books I can read? Thanks, Happy New Years!
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Postby PS_4 » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:18 am

Did you ever get an honest answer about why you got fired?

Do you think that your coworkers enjoy a company?

Are you happy at your workplace?

Perhaps you're just working too hard and not taking time to get to know the people around you as much. Perhaps you need to learn to lay back and f**ck around a little more. Don't work too hard and don't take your job TOO seriously. (since you're gonna leave anyways :lol: )
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Postby beentheredonethat » Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:07 am

I think I could be your twin. I seem to have the same problems. I am 28 and don't know how many jobs I've had in the past. Same old story. Get a job and leave it because of some reason-mostly I create a reason because the job is so mundane or there is no room for advancement. I have two college degrees and almost completed with my masters. Can I find a job that challenges me and speaks to my soul?
I had a good one with the state but I had to work with a woman who had bi-polar disorder and absolutely couldn't do her job-that left all the work up to me. My boss sided with her because of her disablity and I choose to leave. Not my best moment I assure you. Let's just say my husband didn't talk to me for three days after this little decision.
Perhaps I am being too picky. My husband is tired of my bouncing around, it is causing a lot of tension in our marriage. One of my problems is I went to school for years to be a teacher. After staying home with our children for the past 5 years it is not something I want to do anymore (at least I think so). I have had offers but only in Special Education which I have to go get another degree in to teach. Not something I want to do. My suggestion is to move out of state. He is not willing.
In order to get out of teaching I have to go back to school for another degree. It seems like it nevers ends. My worry what if I go to school and end up hating the job. Uhhhhh! sometimes i drive myself crazy.
So now I am unemployed and what I truly want to do there are no jobs in Anthropolgy and study native american history/culture. So where does it leave me. Trying to find something else that makes me satisfied and happy.
It seems that this cycle is never ending. Anyways to finally get to the point I found a book about people called scanners. That is what they are called, can't remember the author's name. But the book is about individuals who are interested in a numerous amount of things-they can't commit to anything either. She gives suggestions on how to find that right job for you, and help in dealing with being a scanner. I don't know if it will help or not. I read it, it did help me, but I seem to be stuck in a perpetual state of unknown.
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Postby turk » Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:10 am

Here is an exercise for anyone who is looking for a job now or in the future:

Sit down with a pad and pen and make a list of all the things you want in an ideal job where you would love to go to work.

Outdoors, indoors, casual dress, shirt and tie, computers, no computers. everything you can think of EVERYTHING. The boos in the same office no boss in the same continent. short hours, long hours flexible schedule set schedule. I mean EVERYTHING.....

Then make a list of everything you absolutely don't want (deal breakers) This is the list of things if it happens you're out of there:
Inventory, folding clothes, washing cars working with red necks. Whatever you can't stand.

Then look at both lists and mark the ABSOLUTE ones as in I absolutely want this and absolutely don't want it.

Finally look at the list with some degree of detachment and see what job that is. And who do YOU have to become to get such job.

More schooling ? Quitting school ? what will it take for you to get that job.

That's it.

This exercise should take about an hour to 90 minutes, but for once and all it'll prevent you from taking any job that will suck in 90 days
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