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Postby asajaybird » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:35 pm

First of all, I have been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder/Depression (back in 2005).
I live near an airport, maybe about 5 miles away from my house. So, airplanes fly over my house (quite low at times) constantly. I startle pretty easy and these planes seem to get louder and louder and it frightens me terribly. Just this morning, about 4 am, I was awakened by a plane going over. It was SO LOUD! AND SO CLOSE! I am afraid the planes may crash onto my house. Everytime I hear one coming over, I have to look out the window to see how close it is. My heart beats out of my chest, my throat swells, I want to run...but to where? If a plane is gonna crash, it's unlikely I could run from it.
I pray everyday that I can beat this fear, I take my medications religiously, and I try my best to self soothe. Deep breathing, etc.
I think I am going crazyyyyyy!
Anybody deal with this kinda thing?

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Postby stevieh » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:26 pm

I Have constant dreams about aircraft crashing and I dont live near an airport,they are so vivid its like they are happening it scares me somedays when I do see a low heli or plane I too suffer from chronic anxiety and stress and hate flying (only flown once) Hope this HELPS
StevieH :) :) :)
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Postby Pumpkin76 » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:23 am

Hey asayjaybird,

I live on a very noisy street and have similar reactions to the frequent car horns/gangs of kids screaming/boy racers with boomboxes. Not that I'm scared they're going to crash into me, but...

I think if you're anxious your whole body is primed to be flung into terror at any minute. Loud noises provoke an instinctive fear reaction, so it seems pretty natural that living somewhere that's noisy can be difficult for someone who's anxious.

Practically speaking, I use earplugs or cotton wool. Double glazing, even, might help?! Other than that, I think it's a case of trying to relax yourself in other ways, which it looks like you're doing.

Best of luck, and here's looking forward to moving somewhere peaceful!

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Postby DSDIRECT » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:31 pm

I have recently been diagnosed with sever anxiety and have been given Citolpram 20mg which I have been on for the past 3 weeks now.
I can totally relate to your fear of planes overhead. Thinking about it, I think I have suffered from anxiety for many years and not realised what it was. I have always had an unkown fear of planes flying over head, and like you, I always have to look out and see where they are for fear that they are going to drop on my house. I get terribley panicked and my heart jumps out my body! I hate flying - I always think we will crash. Any noise and I am freaked and convinced somethin bad is about to happen. The door bell, telephone, alarm - I jump out of my skin and my heart starts pounding and I have to calm myslef down. I am so glad to read these things people have written about their experiences - I now feel I am not alone and I am not going mad!! :D
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