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hi iam 21 years old
i started taking a brand of painkillers "ZYDOL 50mg" when i was 16 and i first took them for a bad tooth ache my dad had then for his back problems, & i thought wow they really worked so very time i had a sore head i took some of his tablets. then i got a ear infection & my doctor was doing me a script for an antibiotic & asked what id been taking for pain releif i said emmmm oh my dad give me his & they worked so there that day the first doctor handed me 100xzydol 50mg & when my ear was better i hadnt been taking them then i had family problems fights in the family i mean bad fights, & i thought & rememberd how good the zydol made me feel & i deciced to take 3 instead of 2 & it made me feel happy allways thursty but happy, mad my appeite go down so i was eating less sleeping soo much better, & then they were done so i rang my doctor every month saying i had a ear or throat infection & i would get a script for the atibiotic & zydol i would bin the anitibiotic & keep the zydol, then i did stop 7months didnt get a thing !! then march 2007 my grandmother died i say grandmother she was like a friend & it killed me & i wantd something to make me feel good,tried drink it made me feel worse the doc gave me tamazapam for sleeping. but i wanted zydol so i started up the fake infections that was last march 2007 it is now august 2008 i have been taking 6zydol a day, untill the other day i rang up & my doc said i wasnt getting anymore until i came to the surgery,
so since thursday - no (sunday) iv been angry to people, shakey, feeling tired not wanting to do anything no able to sleep at all being sick tingy feelings in my arms legs all over really, sore heads
& i dont no wot to do. or wot is ahead of me:S iv thought of killing myself as i see i cant be happy without zydol in my body. & i feel the doctor is going to judge me or give me something else & what i get addicted to that as well..

I have saw sites to buy zydol cheaply without doctor knowing but i need a vesa card, & then my parents & my bf would know. i really dont no wot to do !! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
id love to get zydol yes so much somehow, but i would love to come off them but feel il get on to something else,
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Postby addiceted_painkillers » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:08 am

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Postby qsleepy » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:51 am

im 27 , hey i know what you are going through i have been hooked on and off for a few years on tramal, same as zydol. Makes you feel happy and have so much energy i could run all day, but as you know very addictive and you need to ween urself off it gradually not a drug anyone should be taking everyday. It changes your brain chemistry and made me go a little crazy alot of anxiety when it wore of and very aggresive, can also cause seizures if u have taken to much i used to have about 600-700mgs a day but it didnt end well, and it caused insomnia 4 me had to take sleeping pills just 2 get a couple hours sleep. Hang in there.
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Postby codeineone » Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:45 pm

hey mate, you still around?
I've been on these Zydol capsules too (50mg tramadol hydrochloride)

they make me feel great
I'm also on codeine

I've tried to quit, and I have successfully gone through withdrawal many times, to when I feel normal.

I quit, feel like sh**, start to feel normal, feel normal, feel great, start feeling bad, start feeling sh**, bored, wasted, go back on the drugs.

My kingdom for a massive crate of trammies, codeine, methadone, whatever.
I'm on 200mg of codeine now but my tolerance is so high I'm waiting for my shipment of 100mg trammie tabs to arrive.

they're even better than diazepam, cannabis, etc for me.

am scared to try stimulants, I'd probably have a panic attack.
Psychedelics would **** me up even more, mentally.

tried DXM? that was cool, in a low dose. I sat there listening to the same piece of music for 2 hours.
OK, maybe it wasn't that cool.

I need to sort myself out really, don't I.
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Postby CapeTownODAT » Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:25 am

One of the characteristics of addiction is that it is a disease of "more". This is not only because you can develop a tolerance to opiates but addicts have impaired control over how much of the substance they use.

It sounds from your post as if there are external factors that are limiting how much you can use. I was in a similar situation until I was about 18 and moved out of home. Then I discovered that I could buy as much of my drug of choice as I wanted and nobody would find out. That's when my using really took off - once the external controls had gone I was completely unable to control my using at all.

I couldn't ask my loved ones for help, but now after a few years off the stuff I realize that if I had been able to admit I had a problem to my parents when I was 18 I could have saved myself a decade of struggling.
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Postby jb_2008 » Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:41 pm

u need to come clean with everyone. it's the only way. Take it from an ex-heroin addict :)
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Postby robbyboi » Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:40 pm

im sure this will do the job
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Postby soundbud » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:06 pm

robbyboi wrote:im sure this will do the job

:D cool medical cannablis! where can i get some of that from? im in the uk, would love to try some.

smashed up both of my wrists! been taking tramadol for the last 4 months. not much of it 50mg yellow/green caps, about 2-3 a day. some times really painful so will take 6 caps (300mg).

nice feeling, kills the pain! noticed sometimes dont need pain killer so dont take the caps! withdrawal symptoms really bad! cant sleep! spasms in my legs and arms. until 3am i have to get up and take a tramadol cap.

first 2 batches of tramadol were made by actavis then, zydol, had athlone pharmaceuticals (tramadol) which didnt work so taken them back to the chemist and he give me tillomed (tramadol) instead which i just took the first one a couple of hours ago! :D seems ok! all the capsules are tramadol hydrochloride but are made from different manufactures.

i know the zydol ones are good! and the actavis but not given these new ones a chance yet since i only just picked them up.

i do notice though if i take one for the pain in the night, i cant sleep. been taking 2 codeine / paracetamol tablets in the night which help me sleep. but run out. seeing the doctor tomorrow.
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Postby Robinn » Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:37 am

Tramadol - the active substance in Zydol Capsules - is a painkiller belonging to the class of opioids that acts on the central nervous system. It relieves pain by acting on specific nerve cells of the spinal cord and brain. Epileptic fits have been reported in patients taking tramadol at the recommended dose level. The risk may be increased when doses of tramadol exceed the recommended upper daily dose limit (400 mg).
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