How to get high naturally

Postby blanchchip22 » Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:02 am

This is a very interesting (free) article from an ex bio-chemist and now motivational speaker by the name of Matt Church (google his name to find his website). It backs up an article that was posted by jurplesman on a number of threads......

How to get high naturally

What if you could get high on life - Naturally? What if you knew the keys to unlocking your bodies own natural drug store? How would your life be if you could turn onto an internal feel good chemistry, whenever you wanted?

The human brain consists of a network of 100 billion special cells called 'neurons' which communicate with one another via chemicals called 'neurotransmitters.' Researchers have identified about 40 neurotransmitters that regulate nerve functions, including memory, appetite, mental function, mood, movement and the wake-sleep cycle. Among these neurotransmitters are serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. What you eat and when you eat it along with exercise can impact neurotransmitter production in your system.

Typically when we think of getting high naturally people tout around the word 'endorphins' . The famed runners high! To date there are no significant findings to suggest that the average recreational athlete would have elevated levles of endorphins in their system after or during a workout. Indeed the only people who have shown slightly elevated levels of endophins in their systems are long distance runners. The suggestion put forward is that the endorphins create a morphine like affect eliminating a lot of the pain the runners would otherwise feel. It seems that prolonged duration was the key determining factor in the release of these natural pain killers.

Many of course get high through artificial drugs. Unfortunately the escapism of recreational drugs comes at a cost. Quite often the use of drugs suppresses our own natural uppers. Your body comes under invasion by fast acting, hard hitting manufactured chemicals which makes redundant the natural processes we have for feeling happy, satisfied and on top of things. Nicotine use for example, lowers your brains available supply of the feel good chemical Serotonin. This is why people giving up smoking, are less energetic, cranky, crave food, put on weight and demonstrate varying levels of depression. The artificial drug has diminished in some way our own natural process for pleasure.

Feeling good comes in two forms; the 'Rush' and the 'Bliss'.

Imagine that you are in the middle of closing a major deal all your senses are highly tuned, you have been working late nights for weeks, 'dial a pizza' is speed dial program #1 on your office phone - and you love it! This is the 'rush' feel good. Compare this to sitting on an island reading your favourite book, drinking a marguerite with someone you love, for the moment and you are experiencing the relaxing 'Bliss' feel good.

The 'rush' is caused by your sympathetic nervous system - Adrenaline! It allows you to avoid pain, stay focussed and handle many tasks at once. Eating red meat and fatty foods, drinking coffee, mentally pumping yourself up and handling crisis will all give you the 'Rush' they put you into an Adrenaline state. Coming down is tough. You end up in the 'Pit'

We have all felt the 'Pit' when completing a major project. You should be feeling elated, instead you find yourself walking around feeling empty and hollow. The fall after a rush is what causes many with high pressure jobs to abuse speed and cocaine, or simply stay busy. To avoid the 'Crash' we need to manage our ups and downs more effectively. You will reduce the roller coaster effect and stay up more often if you learn how to improve your bodies Serotonin production system.

The 'Bliss' is caused by a release of your pleasure chemistry - namely Serotonin. Grainy breads, 'sugar only' lollies in controlled dosages (approx 40 grams of carbohydatres) , and healthy living all keep your up-beat chemistry firing. A well stocked and fully functioning Serotonin system helps even out the emotional ups and downs so many people live with.

Some classic mood booster foods include:

· a skim milk banana smoothies (50 grams carbohydatre) · a breakfast bar (average = 30 grams carbohydrate) · 1 cup of frozen berries (32 grams carbohydrate) · 1 medium baked potato with a table spoon of salas and 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese (51 grams carbohydrate) · ½ a cup of dried fruit (40 grams carbohydrate)

Eat these foods when you are typically sluggish and feeling down. Perfect for the mid afternoon blues. You have to be careful how much you eat. Most people don't stop at 3 red frogs they continue to dip their hand into the lollie bag and end up overdosing on the foods that would help them feel good. You need to have a 'mood booster' food and stop eating. After about 20-30 minutes they will have their effect on the blood brain barrier that acts to protect your mind from being overdosed and your serotonin production will kick in.

Drink water and lots of it. While you may find yourself going to the toilet all the time - this is a good thing. Quite often we crave sugary foods when under pressure and mistake this craving as the the need for energy when your body may actually be in the inititial stages of dehydration. Try drinking 2/3 to 1 cup of water every hour at work. You send a message to your system that all is OK.

Exercise can either get you into the aroused or relaxed state, it depends a lot on what exercise you choose. If you wish to relax and increase your levels of serotonin you should stretch, do low impact aerobics or light weight lifting classes such as new body and pump with light weights. The key is to keep it steady and not place to much excitement on your system. On the other hand intense activity such as exercise to music (Aerobics) , cross country skiing, jogging and strenous cycling will all lower your adrenal system temporarily and boost serotonin. The problem with the later is that the slow increase in your adrenaline drugs over a couple of days causes an addiction to exercise.
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Postby blanchchip22 » Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:04 am

i think science like this can really help with avoiding long term relapse once the initial drive and motivation to stop drugs has left.

good luck y'all!
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Thanks blanchchip, an interesting article indeed.
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Postby blanchchip22 » Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:26 pm

i'll keep posting about the ongoing results from applying the ideas.

i have even been thinking about buying the guys book. i wish i could afford a full time dietician/motivator to just hang out with me and feed me when necessary and counsel me when i needed it

oohh to be super rich...
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what goes up, must come down. it's just physics.
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Postby blanchchip22 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:18 pm

to be more profound, everything is just physics.
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