Can spirits visit you in dreams?

Postby random9874 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:42 pm

Recently I've been dreaming about my unlce who was basically my father to me my entire life.
He passed of cancer in November of 09
The dreams I have of him are brief most of them are usually just dreams that depict my family doing everyday things, nothing out of the they didnt upset me too much or make me wonder.

But recently they seem more like he is visiting me or something.
A couple weeks ago I had this dream that I was walking into my dining room and i seen a cute mouse run towards he kitchen doorway (where, oddly enough, i always see shadows standing in this certain area while awake *i am not crazy*)but anyway, i payed attention to the mouse and watched him turned to like pixie dust almost which was lifted into the air and formed into my uncle. He was just standing there genuinely smiling at me and that was about it.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a random home with family and I turned the corner and saw my uncle sitting in a chair with the same smile. I ran up to him sat on his lap and cried to him about how much I miss and love him.
I dont remember what he said for some reason.

But back to the original question, do you think spirits visit in dreams?
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Postby Dawnrazor » Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:05 pm

Psychologists usually rubbish the idea of the paranormal. We think of it as intriguing but not scientifically valid. But I have had a similar experience to yours where a few days after my great grandparents both passed away. The passed within the space of 3 weeks of each other. I had a dream where I went into a farmhouse (they owned a farmhouse when they were younger) and it was just as you are describing it.

Just the family doing the usual mundane stuff that you would expect and it was just like spending one last day with them.

Personally I am a man of science and would take my hat off to anyone who would make me change my mind, so I dont think spirits visit you in dreams. I think the main reason, if not the ONLY reason these dreams occur is simply the minds way of keeping them close by.
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Postby maidOfdreams » Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:44 pm

If you leave your mind open to the possibility, then of course you will get dreams that feel like a visit from a spirit. After all, it's your mind that controls these dreams, and manifests them.

I have had dreams of my mother (who passed away) that seem very real and what you might call a 'visit' - it leaves a lingering feeling like she was actually there and we spent the night together. But then... I have similar dreams about living people who I think about a lot and miss.
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Postby theforsaken » Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:32 am

yeah your kind of asking this question in the wrong place. most people here I dont think believe in this sort of stuff.
Personally I do, but I am also skeptical, if i were in your shoes I would always question the dreams unless something happened to validate them. (eg. in the dream your uncle tells you something you didnt know or where something is you didnt know existed etc, then you investigate and find out its right).

ofcourse there are people who could explain away even that, but for me you can only explain away so much.
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Postby joe716 » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:53 pm

Can spirits visit you in dreams?

Well, the question assumes that spirits exist, a claim which I deny.

The mind can manifest darn near anything, so there is no reason to believe that your souls or spirits are in your brain.

I think you are dreaming of your uncle because he was so close to you.
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