Night terror and schizopathic disorder

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I am 20 years old and I have a schizopathic disorder. I have visual and auditory hallucinations all the time.

Lately I have been having vivid "dreams" that are so real I disbelieve they are dreams at all. I actually am sent to the places I dream about. I am not just a passenger of idle brain murmurings. I am THERE. I know this.

Last night I think I had my first night terror. When I went to sleep at around 10:30 My dream picked up where it left off last night which never happens to me. My dreams usually restart somewhere else and as something else.

I was in a desolate and abandoned mall. Papers, cans, articles of clothing thrown about. The place smelled old.

The man in white torn clothing standing in the middle of a melted and dried up ice rink that was rusted with age. His arms were out stretched, his head tilted back and he was shaking with deep bellowing laughter that sounded shrill where I was standing.

I remember asking my cat to take all of my black clothing and put them around my bed but I don't know why. Suddenly I wake up and as my dream dissolves I see that around my bed are piles of black clothing.

I can't move. I see this mass moving in my hallway (I live in a studio so I am always in view of the hallway) I can hear its skin cracking as it moves around on my floor. And then it's eyes open. Or they were open the whole time and I just realized that there were no eyelids. The thing was burned. It looked up at me and I could hear an infant laughing as it dragged itself across my floor, its legs useless, but with a terrifying speed. When it reaches my bed I can't see where it is. Then close to where my face was I see its head slowly rising up, its eyes open and spinning wildly its teeth a pearly white smile.

And then its gone. It vanished. When I thought it was safe to move again I turned on every light in my apartment and wrote it down.

I don't know if it means anything, I am not prone to Night Terrors, never had them. I have hallucinated things around my room before but never to the extent that I cannot move and never for that long. When I hallucinate visually it is usually never coupled with an auditory thing.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same kind of things happen to them. Or if anyone has had a night terror with some advice that would be really helpful!
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