depression from quitting weed

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I've recently quit weed after 8 years of chronic daily smoking. It's been almost 3 weeks - apart from sharing 3 spliffs on 3 different days. I've now got rid of everything and have told my smoking pal not to come over with smoke. I feel Ok about quitting as i really want to stop. I'm 32 and feel like i've wasted my 20's.

I do feel much less anxious and have more patience in general. Short term memory is a bit shocking. However, unlike previous occasions where i've managed to quit for a month (actually i think that only happened once) i feel like crap. My motivation is still really lacking and i feel so very down. I'm trying my best to be positive and i am able to laugh and joke at work but it's all fake. I come home and i have nothing. I feel worthless. I dont feel depressed enough to seek medication again - in fact have recently stopped antidepressants because they didn't seem to be making any difference. I guess i'm having mood swings from being OK to a sinking feeling.

My question is when will this go away? Has anyone else had this? I've tried googling but just get a load of forums and haven't got the drive to read through to the relevant bits. I want to cry. I feel really empty. I dont even want to smoke again as that feels futile. I just feel left out of life - even when people are nice to me i feel like they are cold.

Everything just feels wrong - please someone tell me this is normal and it will go away soon.

Sorry for long rambling post and thanks for listening.
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Tibs wrote:Re: depression from quitting weed

My question is when will this go away? Has anyone else had this? I've tried googling but just get a load of forums and haven't got the drive to read through to the relevant bits. I want to cry. I feel really empty. I dont even want to smoke again as that feels futile. I just feel left out of life - even when people are nice to me i feel like they are cold.

Everything just feels wrong - please someone tell me this is normal and it will go away soon.

Sorry for long rambling post and thanks for listening.

Hi Tibs

Re: It takes time

Apologies if you have seen this post before, as I have used biggiesize's story many times before. The "I am a few weeks clean and still do not feel quite right" question seems to come up a lot on this forum.

If case you have not read his recovery story these posts from biggiesize might help you a little. He is a true inspiration with a story that has a happy ending. Losing the bad effects of weed withdrawal takes time, for some more time then others.

Reading the Harvard University study and Biggiesize's story should help ease your fears.

I hope this post helps, good luck on your journey :D

Check out this Harvard University Article:

Good to know we can get our minds back

:arrow: ... juana.html

Originally posted by wasblazzng420

Hey guys, I have not smoked green in 3 months and 5 days today.

I don't know why but im having a difficult time dealing with it sometimes I stress out about thinking if I will be able to sleep fine and I know it only makes it worse but I cant help it. I know insomnia is one of the withdraw symptoms but I thought that was only through the early stages of quitting so I thought about asking if anyone has experienced the same issue.

I feel like if I start to smoke again then maybe I wont have this issue anymore I hate it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Originally posted by heavilylost

I still get the feeling that my head is still cloudy, and feel tired maybe because of a days work. After smoking it for 9 years how long should it be to get a clear head again does anybody have any answers. 4-6 weeks??

And what about the brain re-wiring i heard thats 6 months to a year??
How long was it before you felt totally normal again??

Originally posted by biggiesize

Re: Will my brain get better?Getting frustrated after 4 months

Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:03 pm

Hi again everyone.Im sorry to keep going on about this same topic,but its really the biggest obstacle to my recovery.As I stated earlier,I stopped smoking weed on the first of July of this year.Its been 4 and a half months.But what is worrying me is my brain.It seems like its trying to recover.I notice improvements every few weeks but Im terrified that my brain will not totally heal.

Has anyone else taken a very long time for your brain to recover.I notice on some other posts that people experienced a breakthrough after about the 6 month.Is there hope that I will experince it too?Its getting depressing.All I want to do is be normal again.I remember life before weed.I didnt start smoking until I was 26 years old.It was the dumbest decision of my life.So I remember 26 years of how my brain felt without marijuana and I just want to get back to that.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Thanks everyone.You are all aright.No matter how much I wish i would have never went down that path,the fact is that I did and I can change that.But like you all said,I can be glad that it didnt go on so long that it ruined my life.Im going to enjoy the rest of my life.

Im slowly seeing improvement everyday and that is helping alot!If I could just get these dang headaches to stop!lol.But once again,thanks to you all.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:01 am

Hey everyone.i just want to Say thanks for all the advice on just enjoying where I am in life now.I was so busy every second of everyday waiting for the smallest change to occur in my head recovering that I wasnt enjoying life.After you all gave me the advice earlier in the week to just enjoy the moment im in now,

I started doing it that day and i swear that its been the best week i have had since I started smoking weed.Thanks to all of you for the help and advice.I saw an immediate difference after I started doing things that I enjoyed again instead of sitting there feeling scared that I had screwed my head up for good!

Originally posted by biggiesize

Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:03 am

Just wanted to update everyone and let them know that My vision has cleared up 100 percent!My brain is almost totally recovered!I started using fish oil pills and it has helped tremendously with my memory.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Re: 8 months clean.My recovery story.

Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:07 am

Hello everyone.Its been awhile since I posted anything but I thought today would be a good time for me to post as I celebrate 8 months clean.I remember the day that I stopped,8 months was one of the milestones that I thought about.I wondered how I would feel after 3 months,after 8 months and after a year.Well,some of you may remember from my earlier posts that the first few months were very difficult for me.I have since learned that marijuana affects everyone differently.Some people can quit and be fine in a month,but some people like myself,have to go through a period of the brain restructuring itself.This can take months or even years depending on the drug used and how long it was used. as for me,after 4 months,I still had distorted vision,I couldnt concentrate,and my cognitive abilities were out of whack.However about 5 months into my recovery,I started noticing improvements.

I took the advice of some awesome people on here and added vitimins,fish oil and exercise to my life and now Im happy to say that after 8 months,its like I never had any issues at all!Some peoples recovery takes alot longer than others.The neurotransmitters in the brain will have to repair themselves and it can be a very frustrating time.But I promise you that if you hang in there,the hazy fog of confusion will lift and your life will be better than you ever imagined.I wish you all the continued success in your journey of a new life and I promise you that you will not regret it."In the world of addiction,being a quitter is a good thing".

Originally posted by biggiesize

Hello spark121,

As I read your entry,I was taken back about 10 months ago now to when my recovery first started.Like i said in some of my threads,My head was in another world.My vision was distorted,I couldnt think straight or reason things out.It was like I was walking around in what seemed like a hazy fog for the first few months and slowly it began to get better.

As of today,I feel as normal as anyone could feel.There will be a time of restructuring for your brain.It will get frustrating,but I encourage you to hang in there because it will get better.Life is so much better when you arent looking through the fog of marijuana or any other substance of abuse.I hope that you will hang in there and give your brain time to heal. Sometimes,the days and minutes will go by so slowly.but after the fog lifts and all of the thc is out of your system,you will be glad that you broke the addiction of marijuana.

Good luck to you.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Hi there B.I just wanted to tell you that it is very possible that the parts of your brain that control emotions could still be repairing itself.You see,marijuana maniuplates the pleasure sensors in the brain over time and they become inactive or weakened.thus when you stop using drugs,these sensors have nothing to stimulate them and it could be the cause of your depression.

I am living proof that the brain can heal itself the longer that you go without polluting your brain with drugs.i celebrate one year clean next week and my brain had finally recovered.It will take time for you brain to rewire itself and form new connections but it will happen.Hang in there.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Re: One year weed free!Happy anniversary to me!

Well everyone.Tomorrow is my one year clean.I laid down weed and never looked back.I found an old cell phone a few weeks ago with pictures of my former stoner friends and myself doing what we did best.Some people look back on those times and feel reminiscent of days gone by. I,however, felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.I couldnt believe what my life had become.I was living in a tuna can sized trailer that really needed some cleaning.In these pictures I saw a person that thought he was having the time of his life.Now As I view life without marijuana clouding my mind,

I realize that im only beginning to have the time of my life.It was not easy to get here.I had struggles with my brain restructuring itself,but here I am.Set time frames for yourself on the road to recovery.When you reach one,give yourself a pat on the back.Or better yet,take the money that you have saved from not buying weed and buy yourself something.You will feel great.Good luck to everyone whos journey is just beginning and whos journey has already started.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:39 am

Hello all.

Thanks to you all for your kind words and congratulations.It was a long road but i finally got here.Flylots you were aking me to expound on the brain restructuring itself.I will explain it in the best terms I can as i am no Doctor.After the withdrawals subsided i thought it would be smooth sailing from there.I soon learned that I had months still ahead of me.I soon noticed that my vision was distorted,and my depth perception was out of whack.I couldnt reason things out and there were many cognitive issues that i had to deal with.

I began to panic thinking that I had fried my brain for good.I began to search the effects of thc on the brain.I learned that it affects the neorutransmitters in the brain and overstimulates them.Sometimes this can lead to them becoming inactive.It affects the memory area of the brain known as the hippocampus.It affects the cognitive area of the brain known as the cerebral cortex.

I soon learned that if given time the brain will rewire itself around the areas of the brain that connections had been lost.But it would take time.I had to be patient.I had severe headaches at times, pressure behind my eyes.It was terrible.But i was determined not to go back to weed.I just gave it time and soon notice that my brain was beginning to heal itself.It took about 8-9 months for me to begin to feel happiness again.You see the transmitters that sense pleasure in the brain had been dulled and needed time to heal.But after time,they started working again.So just hang in there and it will all work out.

Originally posted by biggiesize

I noticed in your last response that you said that you had read some of my posts.I hope in some way that those gave you hope.It can be a scary thing wondering if you will ever be normal again.I know that you are at the 7 month mark,but I strongly urge you to hang in there.Marijuana affects everones brain wiring in a different way.It takes some alot longer to recover for some people that it does for others.You will eventually be 100 percent.Try adding some omega 3 to your diet.Its good for the brain.Most of all,dont spend every moment worrying yourself.Enjoy life and all it has to offer and eventually,you will find that the cloud has lifted and all is well.

Originally posted by biggiesize

Re: almost 2 years quit! What a ride.

The end of next month will be 2 years since I divorced the evil weed that eventually chokes all enjoyment and pleasure out of life.Oh yes,its fun at first,and even for a few years after that.For some people its even fun for decades. I finally came to the realization that the fun had ended for me and all the joy had been sucked out of my life by this plant that slowly smothers and takes over your life.

At first quitting was a horrible nightmare for me.You can read some of my old posts and see that It took my brain quite awhile to recover.But now,almost 2 years later,I realize that the determination I had that monday morning to quit smoking and never look back was an overpowering force that kept driving me and telling me that life can be better than what I was living through a foggy haze.Im happy to report to you that life is a million times clearer and all the joy and happiness has returned to living.for everyone struggling,fight the good fight.

Reach down inside of yourself and find the determination that we all have to want whats best for ourselves and our loved ones.If you focus on your determination,you will beat it.Each minute will turn into a day,each day to a week,and each week into a year.Beat it one craving at a time and eventually as the time passes,you will be a better clear headed person.Good luck my friends.

Originally posted by biggiesize

I have notice a recent jump in people posting about recovery time of the brain after they quit which is the same thing that brought me to this sight over 2 years ago when I quit.I wanted to offer some of my experiences since some of my old posts are about 100 pages back in the archives.You can view them or you can just read the brief overview that I am about to give:

I quit smoking on July 1st 2008.4 months later in December I was feeling like a train had hit me.I had severe headaches,distorted vision,couldnt concentrate,couldnt reason things out,I couldnt sleep and I had many other withdrawal issues.I was worried that I had messed my brain up forever,but I was determined to never go back to that lifestyle and I never did.I added some fish oil to my diet and started light exercise.As the THC worked out of my system,I began to sleep better,but it was about the 8 month mark before I really started notice any improvements in my brain recovery.Slowly,my vision got better and the headaches the time I reached a year,I was totally recovered.

I just want people to know that once you quit,that is only the beginning of recovery for some.For others like me,it may take a year or longer for the brain to re-wire its connections and regain use of the overstimulated neuro-transmitters,pleasure receptors,and memory sections.I urge you to hang in there.Jurplesman suggests a few changes to your diet and taking more interest in your health,and im convinced for some,that could be a big help.For others it may just be the fact that you didnt start doing drugs because you had a health issue,it was simply because everyone else was doing it and you got hooked,like I did.I didnt have any health issues after quitting but there are others that may,so look in to jurplesman and read some of his posts.A healthier lifestyle can benefit all of us as well as possibly aid in brain recovery.Best wishes to all of you and if you are struggling with recovery.....JUST HANG IN THERE AND GIVE IT TIME!

Originally posted by biggiesize

RE: 2 1/2 years since my last toke

Thu Jan 27, 2011

I havnt really thought about it because I have been so busy living life but I just realized that I reached 2 1/2 years since my last toke.I just want everyone that may be struggling to quit or thinking that you can never live life without it to know that you can live without it and you can give it up.Some people have private messaged me before and asked what was my secret to successfully quitting.I respond to them by saying that I took a good hard look at my life and I was disgusted.Right then and there,Determination took control of me.You have to find the determination in yourself to take charge of your life and stop letting weed take charge.I wish you all the best my friends and may you find peace (within yourself),strength(to do what you think you cant),and love(to forgive yourself and start life all over).Let today be your "DAY 1"
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Postby Southofthebay74 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:30 pm

Hello All,

I'm suffering severe depression. I just can't take it, I don't know what to do. It's so bad at times I feel like bursting in tears. I feel empty, ugly, worthless, stupid, slow, unmotivated to even breath. A big part has to do with loneliness. 3 months ago I was dumped by my girlfriend of almost 5 years. I still think about her everyday. She was my smoking partner, we lived together and got high together all day. She dumped me on my birthday. After that I would just sit by myself and smoke weed all alone. There would be times when I would be watching TV high, and I'll say something, look over and realize that I was alone. After a couple months of just smoking alone I decided to stop. Cold turkey. But I have to admit, this last weekend, I lit a cig, with the end of a blunt. Not sure if that counts as hitting it because I didn't feel any effects, but I was drunk so I'm not sure. I feel like I have to start over because of that, I barely lit the cig, but I would assume that I could have took a minimal amount of smoke if any, but I feel really guilty.

The thing is I don't know who I am. I started smoking at 16, after that I smoked for 8 years straight until now, with monthly long breaks every couple years. My personality was always altered by smoking. And I smoked all day everyday, so now I don't exactly know what kind of personality I have, or am supposed to have. It's killing me. I want to be happy, I want to be social, I feel that's how I should be, but I can't make it. Sometimes I feel like giving up, now what that means? I don't know.

I decided to stop drinking, I've noticed I have fun and party, then I get into harder drugs like cocaine. Then I end up alone at home still drinking listening to the same sad song over and over until I pass out. Wake up feeling like crap and try to live my day as I drag myself through it.

Not really sure if anyone will reply or even read this, but I felt like saying something about it to someone.

I don't know if I'm going to make it.. I feel like maybe it is the imbalances in my brain, but then I feel as if I got bigger issues in my head regarding self-esteem and loneliness, and I feel that can't really be cured by my abstinence.

Help me..
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Postby willdu » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:40 pm

good luck!
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Postby matty6288 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:40 am


Hey man, i sympathize for what you're going through. All I can say is HANG IN THERE! we've all been through break ups and unfortunately you were on receiving end and that fuking sucks. There's no easy way to get through a break up, you just gotta let time do it's thing. but you know what, you definitely made the right choice in quitting weed! In terms of your depression, i can understand it. i've been there buddy. To make it worse, i also suffer from anxiety. There were days where i didn't wanna get out of bed. I had no motivation, no ambition, no goals. I've also had thoughts about suicide. With things getting so out of hand, I went to seek help from a psychiatrist and on the second session i revealed my marijuana addiction to him. He told me that is it not uncommon for chronic marijuana users to develop anxiety and depression and told me to discontinue using immediately. What i'm trying to tell you is that how you feel may be the result of the marijuana. i'm only on day 14 and lemme tell you, i feel soooo much better. I wouldn't go so far as to say i'm cured, but i'm definitely on the road to recovery. My advice to you is to keep sober. As far as not knowing who you are, i'm sure your personality will come back/develop as time goes on. I know how you feel. i was worried about that too. I smoked so much that i forgot who i was as a person. but it's slowly coming back and i'm returning to my old self again. Your self-esteem is low right now probably because of everything that's going on in your life (i.e. the break up, the depression, quitting weed etc.) once things improve in your life, your self-esteem will go up. I guarantee it!

TRY not to dwell on all the negative sh** that's happening right now.
develop a routine you're gonna stick with everyday. Get some exercise (even something as simple as doing push ups at home). What's really helping me is MUSIC. not depressing slow jams but hip hop and R&B (if that's not genre you're into then find something you like that's upbeat). i start my morning with music and it really gets the day going for me.

You might want to consider seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be able to prescribe something for your depression IF NEEDED. If the depression is weed induced, you can probably just stick through it until the withdrawal passes. But it's always a viable option.

Anyways, i hope i helped you out a bit. Sorry for the long post. Feel free to private message me if you want to ask me questions or whatever. Take care and stay strong buddy.
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Postby jurplesman » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:56 am

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Postby redwave2424 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:23 pm

Hey all,

I too have had struggles since I have stopped smoking. I am close to one month in now and my head is always in the clouds. I guess it was in the clouds when I was smoking as well but I was always too high to notice.

The think that has helped me the most has been exercise. I have joined an adult swim team. I tried this once in the past but my poor lung capacity made it a struggle. Now that I have quit I feel my lungs getting much stronger.

The other day I went back to my old ways and had some pot for the first time in weeks. At swim practice the next day my lungs felt like crap and my workout suffered. I know can look at smoking a direct inhibitor to keeping me from reaching my goals of feeling strong again.

For me it is important to see and feel the benefits in order to keep me clean. When I have quit in the past without a goal it never worked. I hope if I can keep up with my goals I can stay clean and win my battle.

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