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Postby DakotaSea » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:24 pm

I'm 18, and I recently moved across the States for a job and I live far away from all my family. I love my job, I love where I live, etc. I miss home, but not to the point where I am stressing over it, or constantly thinking about it. I love where I live, and I feel like I have a great life. So I don't think this is the cause of any of my panic attacks.

It all started when I was living back home about a year and a half ago. I didnt eat a big breakfast one day before going to work, and felt a little light headed at my job. So I started imagining how embarrassing it would be if I was to faint in public, around people other than my family or friends. I had a few episodes over the next month, but then they stopped once I moved. I never actually fainted from any of these episodes.

Everything was going good up until about 6 months ago. Something brought on these memories again, and I started having panic attacks everytime I would go out in public. I would avoid waiting in lines, due to the fact that I thought I was going to pass out. So I would avoid stores. My biggest fear from these attacks would be that I would pass out.

I mustered up the courage to fight these attacks, because my life was going really well, and I didnt want these stupid problems to hold me back in life, just because I was "afraid". I would wait in lines, but be constantly thinking about having one. I would start getting anxious as I would wait for my turn. My turn would come, and as soon as I swiped my card, the feeling would completely go away. I would walk out of the store so proud, because I was one step closer to fighting these attacks.

Every-time when I think these things were over, it would happen again, and I would get so nervous I would leave the store. It sucks so bad :( I hear all these stories about peope struggling for years, and I dont want to share those stories. I dont want that person to be, I dont want it to control my life.

I was doing really good the last two weeks. I fought every panic attack, and I was really starting to believe that I had killed this problem. Well, today I went to the store. I was way in the back looking for something. Everytime I go in a store, I constantly think about having these attacks, I look for an exit just incase I have to escape. I was walking around the store looking for this product, and then all of a sudden, I started to feel dizzy and it wasnt going away. I knew I had to leave, so I walked as fast as I could to the door. My face started going numb, I was shaking, I thought I was going to pass out. I got to my car, still feeling like I was going to pass out, and opened the door as fast as I could. Then an immediate sense of relief. Then I feel like once again I let this thing conquer me, and I'm back to where I started. :(

It worse now than it has every been before. I'm to young to be living my life in fear. Not to mention, the only way I can see my family is by a 6 hour plane ride. So I get super nervous flying too, cause I know I cant escape.

My question to you, is the feeling of feeling like I'm going to pass out, all in in my head? Or can I really pass out from a panic attack? I've never passed out from one before, but thats because I always feel like I "got out just in time". Please, please help :(
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Postby void » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:19 am

*come here and hug*

You will be alright, take it easy. . You wont die. you are feeling these things because you moved away etc. And you have allot on your mind.

Everything is going to be alright.

Just lie down and relax. and calm down. my friend.
everything is going to be ok.
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Postby Winston » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:14 am

Hello Dakota,

My question to you is, what would happen if you did pass out in public? I mean, would it really be all that bad? You said yourself that it has never actually happened. What if you didn't fight these attacks? You feel anxious, so by fighting your anxiety you are fighting against yourself. That never works. Instead, don't try so hard to resist fainting. If you do faint, the worst that can happen is some people will notice and get you some help and you'll come back to consciousness in a few moments. If you're not so afraid of fainting, then your anxiety level will go down and you won't have to worry about fainting at all. Next time you are in the store just tell yourself "If I faint, then I faint." And just decide to accept that for better or for worse. Hope that helps.

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Postby lancetrot » Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:38 am

Its all in the mind. Human mind is unpredictable. you will not pass out. Try to stay cool. Remember you can not always live with fear of dying and feeling insecured all the time. Till then have good sleep, take good food and stay positive. Try to have a friend over there.
Good luck.
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