How to convince a boss

Postby yuper » Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:44 pm

I am having difficulty in this area, and always have.

I am simply unable to convince people in authority of what i am capable of doing. to make things worse, I am a graphic designer who started off doing websites, moved to print (below the line) and now am in television..

I create rediculous graphics for news, and it's mainly stills, and i'm obsessesed with actual broadcast stuff, not just stills..

so i am tempted to become a promo producer...i always edited things as a youngerster with a sony cam since 92, but this is the real thing.. i just want him to know i can do it

i know that the minute my boss tells me, i need to stay in this department (still news graphics) i'll back off, have zero confidence and not know what to say anymore.. he'll convince me.. for once i want to convince them!!!

if anyone has pointers or tips, please do tell!!!
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Postby kl0ne » Thu Jun 23, 2005 10:19 pm

to convince others, one needs to convince himself and believe in himself. that seems to be already the case, so half the job is done :)

the other half is to not let others convince you otherwise or make you change your oppinion. that seems to be what's missing

try to show him some work you've done or try to get him to assign you to small jobs first, to let him know you are up for it. if the work you want is in another department (with other boss), tell him you're interested in that area and that you'd like to do something for him to see what you can do

when the time comes (and it will), don't let him change your mind, stick to what you want! if he tells you that you're the perfect employee for the job you're currently doing, ask him for a big raise. maybe that will change his mind ;)
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