Should i get out the army ? Im to stupid to be here

Postby Dylangarrett72 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:33 am

Im a private who just graduated inf osut about 3 days ago .Ive started jump school. I enlisted with an opt 40 and as much as i want to be a ranger i know i cant do it. I have great pt scores , started working Out years before i enlisted( weightlifting , running, ect.) but im not to bright. I **** up alot. I **** up the littlest things too. The simplest things. I think im borderline meantally retarded even though i got a decent asvab score. 61. But book smarts dont mean anything when you lack common sense. I joined the army to protect my country men but im a liability. Im going to get someone killed , i dont want to go but its not for me im too stupid. I make to many mistakes. I didnt know i was this retarded i thought i was a little slow sometimes but for the most part im a pretty bright kid because i got good grades. Nope. Total retard. I wouldve stayed home and studied music if i knew. My question is how can i get out honorably ? Who do i talk to ? I dont want to my chain of command because theyll probably think im feeling sorry for myself and just laugh at the thought of seperating me from the army. Plus they cant do much about it.Dont know what to do . My heart is saying stay but my mind is saying leave because its for the best. i laugh about it every now and then because i want to be a ranger but i dont even have what it takes to be an infantryman. Thats what the gov does i guess after they spend so much money on you. They push you through. Seriously what should i do ?
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Postby DianaCamomile » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:01 pm

Can you just say to your commander "army is not that thing i want to belong to". Maybe postman or delivery guy, or smth like that =/
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Postby KatherinnPalacio » Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:37 pm

Hi Dylabgarrett72!

Good afternoon, and just follow your passion, not every one knows how to make their passion work for them, specially when you truly do not believe in what you are capable of. Our minds are amazing and we can train it to make anything happen for us no matter our background.

The first step we must take to make it happen for us to believe that we can make it happen, and not by negative talk to one positive talk daily...your sub-conscious mind hears everything you tell it everyday and if you are constantly putting yourself down, that is how your mind will react, specially in a time of decision in where you are currently at.

My recommendation to you, is to listen to personal development audios with goal setting from Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Dani Johnson, Ligia Houben and many more good ones out there (this are the ones that I have personally learned from and continue to always grow me, my family and my team with)

You need to believe in yourself first...before anyone else can believe in you and your passion.

Have a Safe, Happy and Blessed Thursday and Holiday Season to You and Your Loved Ones!


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Postby McCain » Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:00 am

Dylan, congrats on completing your training. I think you should stay. Try to remember the bigger picture as to why you signed up to begin with. Training and actual combat are two different things. You made it this far, don't give up now. There will be doubt and challenges with many things in life, but if you can get through this the rewards will be there in the end. If you give up you may live in the shadow of self doubt forever. You may always think about what could have been. Don't call yourself retarded...your a hero. Real courage comes from within. I commend you for deciding to fight for my countries freedom. We are living in a very unkind world today; a world filled with real cowards that threaten your future and mine. I hope you follow your heart. Find the strength to push through whatever the future holds. You can do this. I know it takes a real honorable man to fight for what he believes in. You are an honorable man and that's all that matters.
Go. Fight. Win!
Best Regards McCain
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Postby johnarkad » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:48 pm

Talk to them that you are not happy, and that is not your thing.

Life is too short to waste on things that you didn't like.
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Postby 2scents » Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:17 pm

You simply cannot be any of those negative things because. you are...i dont buy any of it!

Listen to mccain and katherine

Ranger school IS tough, but if they thought you couldn't do it...they wouldn't waste money training you. Honestly.

You've proved your competent!! Scores, tests, and making it this far.

Most of the difference between the people who make it and those who don't -Is what they're saying to themselves.

You're even an exception in that regard.

Imagine how easy it'd be if you Encouraged yourself through this process. Dont close the door. Finish what you started. Then walk thru another, with your head held high.

You got this!!
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