Fired because I am too slow

Postby Hamming » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:13 pm

Hello, this is one of the scariest things in life. It is not as bad when you cannot get a good girl. Without a girl I can still live quite ok life. But without money - I can't. And I do not want to work some job where there is high stress levels, bad collegues, getting tired physically, hating boss, needing to move abroad.

I already talked with my friends who are succesful workers in this busines and they gave me some advices. But also its interesting to get smth from here. I hope that I stil am good enough for this industry. Just some jobs do not fit for me. The industry is web development.

So I have about 5 years experience already. So this tells that I am really not a rookie. I have learned lot of things in those 5 years. To those who I tell that I was fired - they are very surprised. I myself am not so much surprised, because I was worrying about earlier, but was not able to find what to do. The friend said simply - you are too much unconfident and worrying. If that will ever happend, then we will think what to do. Now do not worry. So I tried to now worry as much as I could.

Btw its not the first time. First time I was fired in one company after working like 9 months. Or bit less. But we came to the conclusion - it was simply small company, bad management. And they had no work, no clients who pay well. So they just used an excuse that I am bad. And then I asked coworker how much I am worth. He said bigger salary than I was getting. Ok.

I then quickly found a new job, but I asked minimum wage, to really be safe that they would not tell that I am earning too much for my skill. And then I can grow from there.

I worked in that job for more than 3 years and my salary got up by 5 times since the start. There were worries that maybe they will fire me some day, but the more salary was getting raised, the less I worried. But still worried from time to time.

Then I decided to change a job, after things started to get very annoying after my current boss left the job, plus in new job they offered even higher salary.

So in the new job again from the first weeks started worries. As I said before - friend said - do not worry. Ok. Trying to work. After 3 months managers said to me - that they are keeping me, they like me very much, maybe I want something more out of this job. So good sign. I told what I want the most - is the knowledge. I was happy with the salary.

Once there was a talk - yearly chat. (even when I had not worked a year, but it was for all workers , so included me). We talked, everything was nice. Just he mentioned that he is not sure if I am fast enough, but with new projects they will see.

After 8 months of work at this company - boom, I was invited to talk. He said I am fired because I am too slow.

I tried to be as productive as possible. One of things come to mind is - the company culture was such that people were working constant overtimes. Most of the people. Even the programmer who I believe was best. He was doing overtimes frequently, and sometimes even till 4 AM. I think logically the best should be so good that he could allow for himself work even even less than all hours because he brings so much value. But bosses still were seeing that he is missing deadlines.

We were a team doing a project. I saw that we are dealaying so much that even if I put 2 hours everyday of overtime we will not finish in time. So it looked just imposible. Plus we all know that productivity decreases after many hours. So I think its complete waste of time and happines by putting extra hours and so I just did those standard and went home to rest from the stress which was often thing.

Plus I do not want such job anyway if I can only finish on time by putting extra hours. I would have left it sooner or later myself. So maybe being fired is even ok in that situation. Sometimes bad thing might be not bad because it brings something good which you had not been able to get if there was not happened that bad thing.

I believe I will find a job one or another because in my aread there are hundreds probably of IT companies. But to find a right fit is the hardest thing. And also this adds uncertainty about future. It means I cannot take loans where I would have to pay almost whole my money from salary, I have to be careful with my money. Because even when things look like going awesome, it might turn out that it was not so awesome.

Btw its good that I am reading book how to win friends and influence people, so now I have better ways hopefully to talk with bosses during interview and with new collegues.

And in the company where I have worked over 3 years, I saw there were lot of people who were lazy, the did not do overtimes most of them and often they were leaving earlier than they shouold or they simply browse internet and were pretending that they work often. So maybe thats why at that company I looked better. Question is how much are such companies. And I rememebr my boss at that company said - some companies might pay you higher, but they will demand so much that you might need to do overtimes. This makes sense wwhat he said. When I told this to my friend, he was not sure, because he thought my boss tries to brainwash me so I stay in that company and would be scared to leave.

ANd also I think that its so good that I worked in one company for 3+ years. It adds a little bit confidence that I am not so terrible.
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Postby Hamming » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:32 pm

Also I remember boss thinking wrong what productivity is: he was making a list of top productive workers of the week. Productivity was meassured by hours.

But productivity should be meassured product per hour, not just hours. So I hope again they were wrong. And those who put more hours should have been even less productive on average.

Maybe I look like finding excuses. But I try to find positive things that I was not so bad, but they were not fitting me.
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Postby Hamming » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:43 pm

I also wonder if at job addmitiing that I am wrong, or I do not know something, or I am not sure about something could add up to the reason they fired me.

I remeber once during meeting even director laughed when I said I am not sure if I done this task good. He said - at least one person says he might not be good :)

In psychology its good to admit when you are wrong, to not use words like certainly (from the book how to win friends I read how Franklin if I remember well get rid of words which make him look he is right 100%).

But I also see that in jobs people mostly tell good about themselves and get angry when being criticized, try to argue even if its clearly visible or high susipitions (would be clearly visible if their monitors were observed all the time for example) that they are not right.

Friend also tells me to say good about myself at job so directors would hear.
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