how can I talk to the girl I love?

Postby tangsangkur » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:56 pm

I'm a shy person. I admit I loved a girl and I know she love me back too. As I know she always show her face wherever I am. The first time I met her is in the elevator only both of us are there but we have nothing to talk. After that time my friend told me she always look at me during I work. We work together at a company. She's rich and beautiful. But I'm just a student at university who work as internship at the company she work .everything I'm not good enough for comparing with her. The time I was with her I can't stop my heartbeat everything is stuck even my speech.
Please help me how can I do? Thanks!
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Postby frydways » Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:11 pm

Women respect and respond to confidence and humor more than most other things. At first, being nervous can be cute and somewhat endearing, depending on the woman. I'd recommend that next time you catch her looking at you, smile to her, walk strait up to her, look her in the eyes, and ask her to coffee or lunch.

If what you're saying is true about her looking at you a lot, she's probably too shy to say anything herself, so you could very well have that in common with her. Could make for good conversation over coffee.

I know it sounds cliche to say, just do it, but getting rejected isn't NEARLY as bad as the regret that comes from never saying anything. Even though you're nervous & your heart will be pounding, the courage she'll see in you from overcoming that fear is huge. Good luck!
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Postby tangsangkur » Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:35 pm

Thanks you so much! I'll try as I can.
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Postby hubertkoh » Tue Mar 01, 2016 2:06 am

Hi Friend,

The last thing you should think about, is to feel unworthy of yourself. If you cannot even look up to yourself, why would anyone else.

That will hurt your self-confidence and in turn make you less attractive for sure.
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Postby cynthialeighton » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:23 pm

tangsangkur wrote:everything I'm not good enough for comparing with her.

Instead of focusing on these thoughts -- allow yourself to notice these thoughts, and then simply let them go. Each time!
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Postby hubertkoh » Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:09 am

agreed with cythialeighton. Your thoughts create your reality. Always remember that.

Do you want her to feel the same way?
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Postby jonathontwiz » Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:54 pm

confidence is the most important part, don't be afraid to look foolish
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Postby 2scents » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:49 am

In order to talk to the girl you must can start by studying her: is she always at that elevator? allow your paths to cross more

make eye contact

since you are at the same company-perhaps ask her if she'd like to have lunch with you Tomorrow...then you can ask open ended questions to learn about her...and be willing to answer those too...over lunch. If you have a passionate interest, you maybe can share that with her...

women notice the little things... i noticed a guy I am flirting with the idea of -detailed his car the second time I saw him. The first time he was clean shaven, beard trimmed and smelled really good...all of those things without us speaking but a few words-still I was encouraged because each time I saw him-he was working on himself and getting up to maybe asking me out...? i dunno...but I am left still wondering. I want him too...but he may think he's too ____?

Let her also have a choice in you...- do not disqualify yourself...

if you are so shy-so what? be brave. be bold. leave a little note with a candy saying I think you're sweet

take a risk

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone else's input...made me smile!!
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Postby gavinfg » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:10 pm

starting from saying hi. and then start some topics to chat
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Postby gavinfg » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:11 pm

gavinfg wrote:starting from saying hi. and then start some topics to chat the british everthing, like...the weather is nice today ...
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Postby Kev Yfe Ntbu » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:12 am

You have to first learn to accept yourself. Accept that this is who you are. Nothing less nothing more.

It's good that you are seeking advice to talk to the girl you really like.

Based on the details, it seems like she already likes you. You should assume that as well. That way everything you do will align with those beliefs and all your actions will result in a self fullfilling prophecy.

Keeping a journal or pad to write down negative emotions helps dispel them giving more room for you brain to operate with ease and precision. Or simply doing some self talk before you socialize with others.

Forget about social topics altogether. Dont even think about what to say. Don't even plan anything. Go with the flow and focus on creating a positive experience with her. Try to be more aware of your surroundings, what she's wearing. The secret is to be in the present moment, this will let you create a memorable and positive experience with her. Don't be all in your head. Notice how your body feels, say what you truly feel (of course within social boundaries, nothing overboard).

Above all else, think of it more as a learning experience rather than the last girl you will ever meet. Putting women on a pedestal creates tremendous pressure and inability to perform well. You have to see her as just another girl.

If you are shy, embrace your shy nature don't be someone you're not. Don't do anything you wouldn't naturally do as this will create ambiguity in your character and you'll simply come off as inauthentic and dishonest.

A good warm up is to have a conversation with yourself. Do this often as it will make conversation with others easier and more habitual because it becomes routine and comfortable. Practice saying hi to yourself. Talking to yourself in the mirror will increase your charm with others gradually just like it does in those SIMS games.

Best of luck. And even if you do screw up its not the end of the world because there are a lot of other gorgeous women out there who will love you for you.
Kev Yfe Ntbu
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Postby handheart » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:41 am

Man don miss this chance as you can regret all your life .you have to options you can try to speak with her normaly as a friend and dont show her intentions and you will see that sato you something to understand that he likes you or you can see in her eyes posture body etc .Or the second option that i recomend you its to go to her and say this .Hy i want to say to you that i find you a interesting person and i like you and we could know each other more better ?
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Postby proudconfidentman » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:19 pm

Just do it and don't worry about the outcome. Always love yourself more then someone else and it will show.
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Postby J Derrington » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:12 pm

Your fear is fuelled by your underlying beliefs about yourself and about her. You think that you are imperfect and that you can only get her if you are perfect. You think that you have to be someone you are not and you are nervous because you don't know how to adopt this fake persona you think you have to adopt. Like everyone who has also posted mentioned, these beliefs are inaccurate, women like men that are confident and genuine. You don't have to be perfect, just perfectly ok with yourself.
You can only let go of these beliefs by taking action. Don't beat yourself up for being afraid though. There is no better recipe for failure than to make your problems 10 times heavier by telling yourself that you shouldn't have them. Embrace your fear, it is your guide to identify the actions that count and that will let you grow as a person :D
J Derrington
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Postby Rifts92412 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 8:56 pm

This helped! Thanks!
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