Hypnosis to Treat Schizophrenia?

Postby DaveDDM » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:26 pm

It's been a while since I was on this board, and I don't remember if I posted this already, but it's a question that's been nagging at me ever since I started studying hypnosis...

Several of the introductory courses I've taken have indicated that every psychological problem can be treated by hypnosis, and some have even brought up Schizophrenia. I've taken some more in-depth courses that were affordable on my fixed income, and in them there were allusions to Schizophrenia being treatable with hypnotic techniques. Having experience with various disorders on the Schizophrenic spectrum, I see some parallels between the disorders and various qualities of hypnotic and mesmeric trances, such as the negative symptoms of catalepsy and flat affect (obviously, at least to me, the hallucinations and delusions - positive symptoms, - are comparable to hypnotic phenomena). In my studies in trauma counseling, the process of PTSD was covered, and the courses I've taken on hypnosis have helped to elaborate on the condition with the framework of PTSD, phobias, and other such phenomena, interconnected as they are, being examples of being shocked into a state of trance that changes patterns and associations in the mind (my main instructor referred to "one-off learning" in relation to phobias). Given that people go into and out of trances throughout the day, I have to wonder if there's any chance of hypnosis helping to treat, alleviate, or even cure (?) Schizophrenic disorders. If anyone has any information on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated. I won't go too much further into this, but I will say that it's also a personal interest for me...
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