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Hey there!

I was reading a psychology book and there is a chapter about imagination.
There it says: "Some people are born with richer imagination than others".
Well, if we focus on this word "imagination", we find it: the ability of creating; or more developed, it is, according wikipedia: "an intelectual cognitive process of combining and selecting in new images, elements from previous experience".

Here is the question, how could a child have a richer imagination than other child since they both have no previous experience. I disagree imagination is a cognitive process, in my opinion is rather an inventive spirit, like a talent. I see these things pretty difficult to be approached, that's why I came to such a forum haha. I really want to hear others' opinions.

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Postby ProvRepublic » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:18 pm

What child is depends more on genes, not on parents education, upbringing is revealed later, so obviously it's about genes.
word "imagination" in:

Some people are born with richer imagination than others

is probably a synonym for another word, because you are right, such a statement would be wrong
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