My Quit Weed Journey


Postby Bagobones » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:05 am

SoulFull wrote:
What happened was I felt the need to distract myself from all the anxieties and depression I had when I quit weed/cigarettes etc, so I chose creative work. I guess it payed off.

What improved for you during your quit? Tell me your story if you don't mind. :D


Good to hear SoulFull! I had the same strategy, keeping busy to stay out of my head. It worked well I would say. I also did Thai Boxing during my initial quit, and taking a good beating (pain) is also good for forgetting about the struggle... hehe

What have improved? I dress better. Take better care of myself. I shower in the morning (I showered everyday as a stoner, just not in the morning), and I am new shaved every day now. I love people alot more now.

But the biggest change is that its so much easier to get out of the door and go. Its easier to go do something I have planned because its boring to stay home all the time. I finally got out of the weed-induced coachlock. Now these days I am rarly home. I am always out and about, like I used to be when I first became a chronic stoner...

I like your journey here.. Keep up the good work and stay inspirational dude...

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Postby SoulFull » Sat May 05, 2018 5:25 am

Hi everyone!

7 months off weed
8 months off cigarettes

Another month and I'll match my previous record being weed free for 8 months. Plus this is the longest time I've ever been ciggarette free. I've also quit coffee for about a month now. I felt the withdrawal symptoms for coffee as well, and I remember someone mentioning his/her mom quitting coffee and ended up being glued to the couch all day long. Yup, I felt like that for about a week. I'm back to normal now.

What is normal? For me the definition of normal has changed. A 180 flip in these couple of months from a two decade period of abuse. I'm in real good health now as I treat my body better. I exchanged smokes for family BBQs by the beach. I exchanged junk food munchies full of sugar/salt/junk for healthy home cooked meals.

I met my 2nd cousin during my sister's enggagement a year after she decided to make a change in her life. She lost 37 kgs after taking care of what she eats, exercising and intermittent fasting. Her skin was glowing and she looked fit. She stopped smoking as well. We used to smoke a blunt or two in the car on the way to sushi joints where we would splurge on sushi to the point reaching unconsciousness. She was so heavy back then, that her knees couldn't take the weight and needed crutches. That too wasn't enough, I had to support her to our car parked outside the shop. And then we would smoke again while I drive her home. It was like our little ritual. This was our NORMAL back then.

After nearly a year not seeing eachother, we noticed and mentioned how well we both looked. Although my concern was not towards losing weight, I couldn't resist asking her what she did to look this fit. She drinks 3 litres of water everyday, does not take sugar at all, eats lots of fruits and veges and cooks her own meals with olive oil and natural salts, roasted or boiled. The withdrawals to "normal" food were there but they're no harder than the ones felt when quitting nicotine/weed. She snacked on veges with a side of no fat yoghurt with minced parsley. This is her NORMAL now. She can no longer eat fast food (our ex-NORMAL) as she says that she'd feel nauseous just looking at them now.

I've been cooking a lot these days. Now I just cook on the weekends, and pack them in freezer plastic packs so that me and my family will have a week's supply of healthy home cooked meals that only need to be heated up, to be ready to eat.

To me, all these changes are amazing. Time off substances which are actually quick fixes to feeling good, will eventually lead to other approaches to feeling good. In this case, cooking your own nutritious food. I didn't plan this, nor did my cousin. It just happened. Give it time, remain quit, and your body will naturally seek out good stuff as an alternative and will eventually leave out the bad.

I feel great. Everyone can do this. It's just a process of replacing old habits with new ones. Endure a bit more.

P/s: My wife lost 2.5 kgs after just 2 weeks.

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Postby Anxious_mary_420 » Sun May 13, 2018 4:54 pm

Hi soul Full you are doing amazingly over 7 months wow. I'm on 6 weeks and 2 days. Feeling sh** today heavy anxiety and no energy....I'm desperate for this to stop tbh but hopefully seeing a drug councillor next week so that should help. Anyway well done you, it's great reading about people who are successful in their quit. X
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Postby SoulFull » Sat May 19, 2018 7:22 am

First of all, a big thank you for all the replies here. We sure are not alone. Reading about other people pushing through despite the hardships really helps shed light to others who are lurking in total darkness not knowing where to go. Sincerity and honesty in pointing the direction to where the light is, is crucial. A huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. A burden in fact. No one wants to lead someone else off a cliff just by pointing to a direction he himself has never been yet.

To get somewhere, wherever it is requires time. Time is finite. Valuable. To get somewhere, effort is also needed. Got to move to get there.

Some have more time to spend each day. It's not because they're younger. They just woke up early to do whatever. To contemplate the different hues of sunrise for instance. To feed the cat. To read. To cook. To drive all those kilometres just to play sand with kids on the beach.

Effort is diverse. Takes many forms. As an example, are you a runner? If so what kind? Sprinter? Marathoner? Yes, you're running. But how? Does your body benefit from all this, or do your knees scream to be spared another day of torture? Then possibly you're not a runner, and might be better off with another form of effort to get to the place you want. But you'll never know for sure until you experience it yourself, harnessing techniques that might work for you, using your own body. If movement does not take you where you want to go, perhaps you can get there by staying still. Meditating, inner dialogues, resolution settings, prayer.

Plant seeds of what you want to grow within yourself first, before anywhere else. Water it everyday. Bask them with sunlight and energy, be it possitive or negative and see what grows. If they don't sprout out immediately, it only proves a law that has been here even before the time of dinosaurs; that everything takes time.

Reaching 8 months of weed and 9 months off cigarettes. I'm like a 9 month old fetus in a non-smoking woman's belly about to be given birth to a new world I've created for myself. I'd like you to imagine a baby in awe and giggling at the most simplest of things. That's me.

p/s: My wife and I lost 3 kgs each, maintaining the healthy diet program as mentioned before. We both look awesome. :roll: :lol:

Edited: I also started drinking coffee again. But limit it to just 2 times a day. One early morning before the sun shines, and one in the evening around 10pm. No sugar added at all. And I don't have problems sleeping usually around 12.30 a.m.
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Postby SoulFull » Sun May 27, 2018 5:09 pm

Hi there,

Just to update, I'm starting to send out resumes to find a full time job after an 8 month hiatus. I lived off my savings and did part time gigs all this while. It's a good thing my wife's working, so expenses were mostly covered by her. I'm thankful to have her by my side. Honestly I don't know what I did to deserve such a strong and kind woman. I promise I'll get stronger and stronger every passing day, and when there comes a time for me to handle things for my family on my own, it'd be no sweat.. I'm not spending so much nowadays anyway. When I was working fulltime before, and was still smoking, I spent my hard earned money recklessly until I had nothing left. I was always searching for the next high, and that was an expensive lifestyle. Infact, we were in debt. It's funny how our debt evaporated into thin air when I'm not even working. I just had to control myself. Weed led me to a life I could no longer grasp, so it had to go. We suffered a living hell when I let weed and cigs go, (plus I'm back on my coffee quit, and I don't drink), but it's proving to be beneficial. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm contented I'm able to live my life 100% sober, 100% of the time.

"In sickness and in health.."

I'm still indebted to my wife though. She stood by me when I was in the most awful state of my life. I know a lot of people who'd just abandon their spouses when the going gets tough. 3 months, o.k.. but 8 months? If this was my ex-fiance, I'd be left alone to rot in 3 weeks. Thank God I settled down with the right person. One day I'm going to write a book about her as tribute, and hope it sells well so that we can use the royalties to travel the world together. Or I could just save money from whatever job I get in the near future. It's possible now for me to save. I will continue this quit journey no matter how tough it gets.

These 8 months have been a real eye-opener. I witnessed the power of self determination, also the depths of true, genuine love. I am blessed. And in different ways, we all are.. If we open up those squinted eyes as wide as possible to look for these blessings, we can find them.

Even in the darkest of days.
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Postby TonyTheCat » Sun May 27, 2018 6:25 pm

Hi Soul.
Understand you completely. I'm lucky with my wife also. Right person near you in a hard life time worth more than anything. I'm glad for you and glad for myself - yesterday was my 90th day and I'm out of the hell (at least I hope it is).
Best wishes,
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Postby SoulFull » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:11 am

1 year 2 months off weed
Still addicted to coffee and cigarettes

With all the evidence present on this site, it is clear that quitting weed is possible. I've never given weed a thought all this time since my last post, until last night.

I dreamt of the friend who introduced me to weed being in the same room with me. After walking through a hotel lobby while carrying luggage
with friends and family, (in that dream we were on holiday at some beach resort) we sat down to talk and the last scene I remember was me asking him whether he had some weed. He responded with a sigh and took some out from his pocket and started rolling a joint.

I didn't get to smoke any before waking up. But now I'm thinking how awesome it'd be if I had some.

Life improved in certain ways, some very major. I can't complain. If I had remained addicted, I would have reached the point of no return and lost everything. Although I'm struggling upto this day, I'm improving as well.

The fight's not over for me. I choose to carry on.
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Postby SoulFull » Thu May 09, 2019 6:07 pm

1 year 7 months off weed
No more coffee
Just cigarettes (trying to control intake by working out a lot)

Hey guys, just wanted to share my progress. For your info I'm doing really great. No more anxiety. No more depression. Just a blissful feeling of acceptance of what life has to offer for me and my family.

I moved to a new apartment and I think this helped a lot. It's on the 34th floor and has a tall glass window where I get an abundance of sunshine every morning. Also when I open the window, wind blows in fresh air like crazy. I intentionally did not install any curtains because there was no point to it, as there are no buildings located close by. What happened was I gained an ability to wake up very early in the morning due the pouring sunshine. Waking up was a problem for me before, and I thought it was because I was still in PAWS. Little that I know that sunlight made a huge difference in my mood and wellbeing.

Every morning I will make sure I'd get the nutrition I need by cooking my own food. Eggs work well for me. Some fruits, juices as well. Garlic is also an important part of my diet. Please do research on garlic and its healing abilities, it'll be worth a try.

I'm not on any medication, I don't drink. Not even coffee. So where does all this dopamine come from? My answer is you have to do what you love. A lot of it. Be it making music, reading, exercising, drawing or socializing. Just do it. It worked for me.

I like to cook, so seeing my kids really enjoying what I cook for them gives me an awesome feeling. Also a great way to seduce my wife. Ahhh yes, sex is good too. Do lots of it, it'll help boost dopamine levels quickly (although I do get bad withdrawals from this method)

Hey I'm no doctor. Just sharing my journey here. So far so good. Lots of love
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