Unintentional Pattern Interrupt Induction rises questions.

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Unintentional Pattern Interrupt Induction rises questions.

Hello there,

unintentional hypnosis has reoccurred to me from time to time. I was born to be a hypnotist. :)
I stumbled on it a number of times. I mean, over the years, I hypnotized people without me wonting it. Also that happened with "odd" techniques that popped out from nowhere. That is, I never researched covert hypnosis before. (I am now) Plus, there is no much on the web on the topic anyway. It is probably concealed for safety reasons.
Here is what happened in one case of accidental hypnosis. (Not an odd induction this one though):

I was about to shake hand to a customer and as my hand was just an inch or so away to grab the customer hand, I got zebbed from a bolt of static electricity in the middle of the right hand's palm. The pain I felt combined with the shock, made me instinctively suddenly withdrawing my hand while together yelling "OUCH".
Hypnosis induction was not in my mind but, that is what happned. My customer "zombied out".

He stood there non responsive for what it seemed to be a long minute before recovering to a normal state of mind.

The experience made me wondering about a few things:

1- Why Instant Shock Inductions are practiced for the majority of the cases combined with a "SLEEP" command? Considering this experience it doesn't seem to be necessary. Also, shouting "SLEEP" in the case of covert hypnosis, puts the hypnotist in a suspicious position, should it fail.

In the other hand, yelling "OUCH" gives the hypnotist a way out.
Should the induction fail, just say: "Sorry I got zebbed by a bolt of static electricity. Didn't you feel it?"...

2-The building of Rapport Hypnotist-Subject and the Pre-Talk or Framing, are widely emphasized but, in my humble experience, is not necessary.
This customer was new in my workshop and we never met before. He wasn't a client for a hypnosis session ether.

What are your thoughts?
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