Am I suffering from bipolar disorder?

Postby koamalu » Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:12 am

Recent months, I have been suffering from frequent shifts in mood. Usually there will be a few days when I am optimistic, I feel like life will be smooth, such as being able to enjoy my current school life, or being able to look for a job which I enjoy in the future. I will also feel content with the relationship I have with my girlfriend now. In those few days, I will experience almost no negative emotions. But after this period, I will suddenly fall into depression. For example, I always feel that I will bomb my exam and cannot resist crying because of fear. Even though the exam period is getting close and I know I should study, I don't feel like I want. Then I would feel like I am not a doing good enough in my relationship, I don't know why I should live, I fantasize how nice it will be to live in heaven, and feel like living as a human is meaningless. Bad memories I have in school life and in relationship will be recalled frequently. Both periods last around three to four days and there is usually a day or so that I remain calm, feeling neither sad nor happy. I wonder if I am suffering from bipolar disorder. Moreover, I notice a strange phenomenon inside me- my rationality and emotions seem to work separately. To make it understandable, when I am in the 'happy period', I think in a rational way. For example, I will get good grades in my academics as long as I study hard. Things seem to be controllable. But when I am in the 'depression period', I feel helpless, as in nothing can be controlled by myself, like even I study hard I will still do badly in exams, I don't consider any possible ways to solve my problem- for example, look for my professors and seek help from them. During the calm period, I feel like I have an open mind, I don't care about anything but simply accept my destiny.

I won't say this problem affect my life a lot because other than being depressed life seem to be okay, but it is really tiring sometimes, I wonder if I should seek professional help.

P.S. The reason why I still am not seeking help is that sometimes I feel like it's just my own exaggeration to the problem and that my life doesn't seem too bad.

P.P.S I believe I am now in the calm period.
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Postby Translucent » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:55 am

You mentioned heaven. You won't get there until you surrender your flesh to Jesus. Your flesh is the crown that surrounds your soul. If you lose your body and die, you should hope you're on good terms with God. The mood swings may have to do with what you're consuming. A sluggish, heavy body will result in the same for your soul. Consume for energy rather than for pleasure. Then your energy will be steady, and you'll be ready to face the other challenges in your life.
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