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A boxer, like a lion, uses purely offensive (upper body) 'power' (if you have power you are free). Normally a boxer doesn't kick or bite, where he is not cornered. You see Mike Tyson bit his opponent by his ear, when he was about to lose. I heard he was converted to Islam in prison or something, did 'soft style' users talk to him when they saw that he was in a, what i call now, 'boxers box' (Or boxers prison) where he was trapped? In Buddhism and mysticism, a teacher appears when the student is ready. Giving birth to an egg can only happen through the chick, that is the start of life, if the chicken or cook picks on the egg that is the end of life.

In Karate and TKD, like a Zebra, you emphasize the defensive (lower body) 'power' (what makes you free). You as defensive you run, and in the reign of offensive people (brawlers and boxers) you start as in-valid (handicapped). Like Forrest Gump. You also use your legs for kicking (added to running away). You use (false) openings as a method for fighting, and the more offensive the lion is the closer he is to the kick. Kicking is more powerful, longer reach, and can be trained to be elegantly fast.

Whereas in boxing, brawling, you use no openings and play "safe". We wan't to sleep 20 hours a day like a champion male and masculine lion, then we use our fists, which has shorter reach, less powerful, and using unecologically much resourses.


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I remember that scene..watched the movie when I was a child.
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