Day 34 will things get better?

Postby Robchaw » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:14 pm

I had been smoking weed for almost 2 years on a daily basis multiple times a day. Around the 6 month mark of smoking weed I began to get very paranoid after taking even the smallest puffs. I would go into a state of fearing everything and being extremely aware of all my surroundings. It was so bad I would check my pulse and my heart would be racing during this time so I think I was having panic attacks or something. I continued to smoke for a long time after even knowing I would become paranoid but for some reason didn’t care. I decided to quit smoking after I was was having panic attacks every couple of hour late for 4 days straight. Since that period I have slowly gotten better being on day 34 now but still feel like I have trouble concentrating on little things or trying to remember things takes a lot of brain power. I’m not sure if this is a symptom of paws or not but it would be really cool to hear that I’m not alone and this is just a sign or marijuana withdrawal. I also noticed that my muscles seem to stay tense right around my neck which causes very dull headaches and it only gets better if I don’t pay any attention to it, so do you think that is anxiety related because after that period of panic attacks I’ve just had this uneasy feeling of anxiety lingering in my thoughts and it has gotten better but still is there. The final thing I have noticed is that I get kind of worn out easily with small activities that make me feel tired even though I am physically fit. I haven’t worked out in about 5 months and my job doesn’t require me to do anything strenuous to the least bit. I’m curious what you’re guys’ symptoms are and if any of you can relate to this at all? Also did smoking weed make your guys anxiety worse when you quit? Thanks so much!
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Postby InkChalk » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:58 am

Hi Robchaw,
Welcome to the forum. If you have a read around threads; you'll find a lot good wisdom regarding other's in your similar situation.
Great job reaching 34 days, it's really accomplishment! Focus on the positives that you have without weed in your life, and its gets better and better.
Short answer is Yes, things do and will get better.
My personal experience the tough and smooth times comes in waves. Week 4-5 are particularly tough.

I will try my best to answer your questions in relation to my experience:
What are my symptoms and similar to yours?
Fatigue is a big one, and i just want to lay down halfway through the day. It's improved a Lot since. And you just have to be tough, re-learn how to read your sober bodies needs.
I think proper sleep is a large part of this.

Smoking Make anxiety Worse?
Yes it sure does, and makes a lot of other things worse in my life. Fitness, social skills, confidence... etc.
But You also have to take into account of normal lifestyle things also affect anxiety. People that don't smoke also experience anxiety.

I'm at 10 weeks clean and having a hard time (which is why i'm back at this forum).
For me, my tough time: I know it's related to my healthy eating and exercise routine are slipping a little bit. Also my sleep pattern is more disturbed. I've added meditation recently and it's helped relax my inner tenseness that's been building.

Smoking Make anxiety Worse?
Sure does

Some of my personal tips:
-Have a walk routine every day, i walk 8km in the forests every day for the last 2 month, i strongly believe that this has saved me.
-A big overlooked thing is computer/cellphone use, especially before bed
-Diet (Eat healthy, and this gives you something else to focus... like fighitng my addiction to potato chips)
-Read Books for knowledge of your innersole and fun!

Hope this helps, and not too much of an overshare.
Best wishes to your journey of a weed free life.
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Postby lefttheleaf » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:54 am

Morning mate
I am 13 weeks clean today and I will try and summarise how I have felt - if it helps you then great. If you want to read the full thing I posted about a week ago.
I have had, felt and still feel the same as you but instead now of it being daily all day, its daily, for the majority of the day - the highlight there is that I do have moments of clarity and times where I feel like the person I remember being a long time ago.
I haven't posted much on here but with having read quite a lot of the threads I don't think anyone will tell you that things will improve soon or if they even will get better next month, or the one after. The reality is we chose to smoke weed regularly and we now have to accept that our brains have become different but our brains rewire every day from what I have read so I take hope from that.
I have and still have horrible almost debilitating anxiety and worry over the concern that i have triggered some sort of repressed mental disorder in myself and that i am slowly slipping into madness - which is quite easily the worst thing i have ever tackled in my life.
My advice to you would be to go back to the gym as hard as that feels and engage in conversation with people who are or have experienced the same as the feeling of being alone with this only feeds those negative thoughts we harbour.
Hope this helps - it does ever so slowly get better but you have to try and stay positive.
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Postby foreveryoung » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:29 pm

6 weeks this Monday for me...

This week I had real trouble sleeping. Also waking to go toilet during the night a lot.

Had some really vivid messes up dreams too.

I have been fatigued but mainly as I have been signed off work for 2 weeks.

Anxiety comes and goes, depending on situation. Doesn't help I am aw waiting blood test results which give me anxiety that it could be the reason I can't sleep properly.
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Postby DaWickerMan777 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:21 pm

Hey, for me, it took a really, really long time before I felt better. I felt all of the same symptoms. Sorry to say but 30 something odd days is nothing. It's going to be an up and down ride and for me I only very, very gradually noticed I felt better. I had ALOT of setbacks, anxiety, and paranoid thinking, but got to where I needed to be in due time, and you will to.

As I said, it's going to take months, or even a year or so.

Stick with it and best of luck.
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