Almost 5 months and struggling a bit

Postby NYJ6 » Thu May 16, 2019 4:40 pm

Hello everyone this is my first post on here. I must say this is the best forum when looking for support. I’m 20 years old about to turn 21 and I smoked weed for about 1.5 years and daily for 9 months. The last 4 months of me smoking I also took lsd on 4 occasions. Never more than a tab on each occasion. All trips were good experiences. But the reason I’m here is because about 5 months ago i quit smoking and it’s been one hell of a ride. The first month was terrible but since then I have seen progress. But this past week has been tough. My anxiety has come back and I’m just tired of it. Dp/dr is back as well making me more anxious. Is this paws? I’m also leaving to go on a one week vacation which I’m hoping will help but I’m worried about the long drive to get there. Just don’t want to get very anxious. I appreciate all comments. Thank you for listening/reading
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Postby SparkleFly12 » Thu May 16, 2019 5:04 pm

You are definitely suffering from PAWS. Time is the only answer, unfortunately. Im going through it now, 3 months in, but have been dealing with it for the last year since I decided to quit ("relapsed" a couple times thinking I was cured).

PAWS symptoms come and go in waves; usually lasting a few days at a time. Im still learning to recognize them as I still have had symptoms every day since I stopped 3 months ago. But they do seem to get worse for a few days, then get better for a few days (never go away though). From what Ive read on this forum, eventually it will oscillate between good days and bad; instead of between bad and worse. Seems like you are close to the same place as I am.

Im so sick of this sh** at this point, waking up tired and with a headache for the last 3 months every day just zaps the fun out of life. But the only real solution is to stick with it...starting to smoke again will just postpone your symptoms, and you'll have to go through the hell of the first month again.
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