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Postby JoNed2001 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:37 pm

Christmas 2018: I'm giving myself autumn harvest as a gift, thought I could smoke once a week or so, unfortunately I kept thinking in a way like "Just once more today, I'll take a break next day." and what do you expect happened... It's beginning of April and I'm convinced i have to stop NOW, otherwise I will be a piece of **** during rest of my life, anyway something really bad happened and I managed to quit last friday, 14.6.2019 - that was 172 days without break.

I used to smoke at least 2-3x a day, it was just awesome to feel good and great to think about life and ways to be happy, cause I had had depressions since 12yo (now Im 17) so I felt in love with new ways of thinking about life whether with psychedelics, meditation, Jung's psychology or weed, but the withdrawal or long-term weed effects are killing me rght now.

I'm still happy inside, for which I'm glad, but my memory recall and both long- and short-term memory got very bad, I feel like having ADHD (Modafinil helps - later on that) and irritability takes place. Whats the most unexpected is great MUSCLE WEAKNESS, HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED SAME THING?

Now what was the course of the last week off:
1. day - I'm glad for sober feeling, memory as bad as with weed a few days before, headaches; love that dreams
2. day - I feel unusable both in school and socially, my regular visit to the gym is disaster - muscles hurt and I have a terrible stamina, bad localized headaches; love that dreams
3. day - Things got even worse, i look like a corpse and communicate accordingly
4. day - Spacy head, mild derealisation, memory as the 2. day until evening when absolutely useless again, bad localized headaches; love that dreams
5-6. day - Same as day before, concerned about persistent muscle pain; will miss that dreams
7. day - I went out with friends and had taken 1/4 of Modafinil - I got one blister pack randomly - and I have had an amazing time, comunicative, sporty,... unfortunately memory has kept glare-free, then strange slightly disociative effect occurs in combo with a few shots of plum brady
8. day - Still poor memory, today worse than "normally" again, joint and muscle pain even in untrained parts (wtf), low concentration, minor headaches, minor derealisation feelings, anxiety; lovely dreams

One hypothesis about administration techniques: I did gravity bong all the time, could it cause greater oxidative stress and therefore greater memory impairment?

Well, thanks for reading and your suggestions or comments, wish you are happy :P
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Postby SparkleFly12 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:19 pm

Yep I had muscle fatigue and soreness until recently. It got slightly better and better until 2 weeks ago, now its pretty much not noticable. But, even at its worst, it wasnt terrible. Mostly in my legs and just seemed like I had worked out the day before.

Took 4 months for it to get better.
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Postby InkChalk » Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:26 pm

yup i experienced muscle weakness BIG TIME. I consider myself a reasonably strong/fit person.
However after quitting, It was like, no strength could make it to my muscles.

It will come back, just keep a fitness routine, and eating right. And in a few weeks, power will return.
Its really disappointing, and depressing at first. Your nerves are just being un-numbed.
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Postby SparkleFly12 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:39 pm

I actually stopped my cardio (biking) because I realized that biking wasnt what was making my legs sore - it was PAWS. I wish I hadn't now, Ive gained a ton of weight since then....

It is demoralizing to work out, eat well, and still be sore 3 days later. My legs would hurt walking up the stairs. Nothing unbearable, but very demoralizing. But I wouldnt advise stopping exercise, gaining weight sucks (eating to make myself feel better didnt stop when I stopped exercise).

My unsubstantiated theory is that its caused by poor sleep. My muscle soreness has decreased as my sleep improved; and sleep is when your muscles repair themselves.
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