Help identifying ocd pure O compulsions and obsessions

Postby johnmason » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:53 am

It has been going on for around last 11 years. So i have this to tendency to plan / structure my life. Without planning / structure / thinking what I will do it is impossible for me to move on with my day to day activities, even do my regular daily simple chores. I usually take a mental decision in my mind that from now onwards I will start following my plan. After I take that decision/ follow my plan
Everything is ok. I mean I am able to carry on with my daily activities. But what happens is that if things don't go perfectly I feel like I want to give up and start all over I give up mentally after this. And after I give up I am not able to continue through my activities. I feel like I want to start over with a new plan/ mental decision. Unless and until I plan/ think through/ take decision mentally I feel restless and not able to continue on with my tasks. I feel like I need to do all those planning/ thinking/ starting a anew.
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