Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence - An uncommon approach


Postby marcus_gabler » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:54 pm

quietvoice wrote:*
On Self-Esteem

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My comment to you: There's no such thing as "too high" of self-esteem, as per this philosophy of self-esteem. Those who are narcissistic and such are suffering low self-esteem.

Thats also my understanding.
However, Martin Ross' questionaire works surprisingly well for identifying deficits on either end of the scale.

I didnt read Branden yet.
If you PM me i can send you my revised original concept and you could kindly check if it complies...
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Postby squadus » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:56 pm

If you want to develop self-esteem one must know themselves well. Without knowing yourself it seems like the world is simply a blob and just occurs as it happens. It is possible to learn more about yourself through psychic practices such as meditation, tarot reading and numerology. My favorite method is learning the Life Path Number, which is essentially your destiny number.
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Postby Tiphaine11 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:37 pm

marcus_gabler wrote:Hey Richard, good to hear from you again.
And good you didn't give up on me after your last comment in October. :-)

I plan to publish this as part of a website addressing issues like emotional degeneration...

Let’s start with emotional degeneration. Where is the scientific research on that term? Who is a current leader in the field of ‘emotional degeneration’? Do you have a scientific study I can read by that researcher on the topic?

Please don't hang too tight on that term.
I used it because I hoped most would feel what I mean, and it wasn't a core part of this post anyway.
(On a sidenote, this your comment here as well as you last one might result from one of my communication deficits, which would be interesting to discuss via PM also...)

Here are some terms that might be clearer:
- empathy loss
- shallow values (materialism, status) vs. emotional values (genuine social connections, fulfillment)
- cultural impoverishment (as in CGI replacing plot in movies, talent culture replacing creativity in music)
- digital dopamine (as in Facebook)
- time compression
- more singles, less sex, less family life
- social isolation
- amygdala size corelating with decreased cognitive flexibility and conservatism
- relatively new phenomenons like "ghosting", "Phantom vibration syndrome" or "resting bitch face"
etc etc etc

I cant PM you yet, maybe you can PM me, so I can share my website under construction...

I doubt there is real scientific research about the dynamics and complexity of how low our emotional life will go.
That's exactly what I am an activist for.

Some exerpt/abstract:
- There is a long term, negative trend of our mental well-being
- Digital ]technology dramatically accelerates this trend
- Emotional degeneration may, beyond individual's issues like e.g. depression or solitude cause effects of unforeseen global scale (namely political/social) 

Time Compression is the main driver of higher stress levels, supporting impulsive, aggressive and overall irrational behavior. At the same time, less and less de-stressing activities (sports, social interaction, sex...) are performed.

Digital communication and social media are not only spoiling our real life social skills and supporting empathy loss. They especially weaken our ability to achieve and maintain self esteem. Low self-esteem (LSE) can bring out the worst in humans, as it makes people humiliate others. This way, LSE is probably the biggest driver of what is commonly called evil.

Additional but secondary drivers are urbanization, paleo clashing (conflicts between evolutionary determined behavior and contemporary lifestyle), cultural and mental impoverishment and even prosperity. 

The Emotional Climate tilts when the deficits acquired by digital generations are passed on to their kids directly with upbringing. As the fundament of one's self esteem and social behavior is shaped during childhood, spoiled parenting will have much greater impact on future generations than digital lifestyle has right now (see Millenials).

Best case, things will get worse only gradually, like they did for the last few decades: An even more 'strictly business' life, more stress, less social relationships, fulfillment and happiness.​
What really worries me are the dynamics of increased aggressive potentials, empathy loss and lower self esteem, as any of these alone breeds all kinds of irrational if not toxic behavior, let alone their combination. The infamous example of such combination is the situation in Germany before World War II - and we can't help noticing similar tendencies right now.
Or even more simple: Stressed and emotionally unbalanced people make more irrational and more biased decisions and thus might vote badly. You may wanna google "anti social punishment" which relates to this.
I somehow doubt the common consensus that economics are the very reason for the rise of racism and
populism. The world has never been more prosperous and dissatisfied at the same time today than ever before.
From the above, I can suggest ways I would approach delivering your content.

This post was mostly for getting feedback on my way to explain self esteem.
There is a lot more to be said, hope we can PM.

Hello, everything you say here, the information is really very useful, and very interesting I find  thank you for this very detailed information. Thank you for your return 
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