Worst dream I’ve ever had

Postby Teaghouls » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:18 pm

I literally just woke up minutes ago to write this down because it has genuinely shaken me.
The dreams goes like this
I remember I watched people die and that I was in a Walmart or something next to the electronics
My dad was there and so was his friends
A movie was playing it was a kids one until my dad takes out a tablet and puts in this extremely terrible gore that I could second handedly feel especially the back of my neck and head.
I managed to get away just Crying and screaming I felt 10 again I was going down the isles trying to get away pushing things infront of me
Then my dad grabbed me again tablet in hand and I just cried I cried so hard I couldn’t make noise and my body was trembling and my dad was saying things like “okay let’s calm down” and “we’ll watch other things for kids”
And I woke up
There was more to the dream but I cant remember it at all
But I woke up crying and clinging to my dog horrified and scared.
I know it doesn’t seem that bad but it was some hardcore fight of flight
I’m a big horror fan and I’m not to easily frighten at all so what the hell?
Ive had a lot of dreams but this one really took the cake
What can this mean ?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:57 pm

You watch a scary movie, eat some spicy food, almost get hit by a train, see a dog growl, then watch a YouTube video on climate change. That night you dream about flying over rooftops and are being chased. You struggle to escape. You wake up and find yourself wrapped up in a blanket.

What does it mean?


It doesn’t mean a damn thing.

If you don’t sleep with that blanket in that particular arrangement then you don’t have that dream. If you didn’t watch that scary movie or eat spicy food or have a dog growl, you don’t have that dream.

Your dream doesn’t mean anything either.
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Postby Mikhail_Drave » Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:51 am

One's dreams are the sub-conscious working away. Of course we actually understand next to nothing as to how the mind works. We are only now starting to work out which part of the brain does what, but the machinations of the conscious/sub conscious mind we know so little about. Psychiatry and Psychology are really very new. These are not settled sciences by any means.

It appears that sentient beings dream and have conscious/sub conscious minds as our specie does. You must have witnessed your dog dreaming at times. Our dog certainly does; she makes whimpering noises, strange barking noises in her throat, she twitches and so forth. Quite obviously she is chasing something in her dreams.

We can have dreams of things which have actually happened in our life, dreams which allude to things which have happened in our life or random dreams about things our sub conscious mind has taken in, without our conscious knowledge.

Myself I have a repeating dream, I have it a few times a year. It alludes to things I have seen. It is thoroughly unpleasant. It does not disturb me, but I cannot get rid of it.

The fact you watch horror films has no link to you being unsettled by your unconscious

What dreams mean are very much a moot point. There are endless 'dream reading' books' but as we do not understand the mind, we do not really understand dreams or why we dream at all. It does seem that we have disturbing dreams when we are feeling disturbed in our daily lives; under pressure, stressed etc.

So it probably means you are somehow unsettled ... Your sub conscious is unsettled and you therefore have a disturbing dream.
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