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Postby maneeshs15 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 4:28 am

Hello Everyone

I am a 46 year old guy from India and I wanted to share my experience with Marijuana deaddiction and subsequent PAWS. I had been an occasional weed smoker since the last 20 years. My initial foray was very limited until I started smoking everyday 7 years ago. Then I suffered a radial bone fracture and then a tibia fracture in a span of 18 months. This made me give up smoking and I took to ingesting high quality hashish. I was o much in to it that I was consuming 10 gms in a month or even 3 weeks.

Then I had to take a trip abroad and couldn't get my daily dose for a couple of weeks. When I returned I had terrible insomnia and head pressure. I hadn't realized that it was because of withdrawal that had begun to set in. Then on day 7 after my return it hit me real hard and I ended up at the ER of a local hospital. With a few checkups I was discharged and asked to consult a psychiatrist as I was having a full blown panic attack. My heart rate was up to 130 bpm and it would subside occasionally but come back hard in a couple of hours. Over the course of next few weeks I ended up visiting at least 3 different doctors. On one occasion my blood pressure was up to 130 /100 which was very unlike me as I have always been healthy and athletic.

It was then that I started googling and came across this website. Experiences shared on this forum made me realize that I was going through terrible withdrawal. Below are the timeline of my symptoms

Week 1 to 3

Terrible anxiety with heart rate touching 130 bpm in my case. Extreme nausea and loss of bowel control but surprisingly I never had any appetite loss. Defecation was with less anal sphincter control. I guess its the compromised nervous system. I consulted a psychiatrist who prescribed me mirtazapine. I took it for 7 days and it helped me a bit. But the side effect was numbing of the mind and sensations. I eventually decided to fight it alone without any anti depressants and stopped the medication. I never consulted any doctor again.

Week 3 to Month 3

Terrible soul crushing fatigue. No energy or libido whatsoever. Extreme insomnia with barely 2 to 3 hours of daily sleep for months. I tried melatonin but to no avail. Exercise (Running & walking), Meditation, incense sticks and soothing music offered me the best relief. Every week brought in a minute difference. A difference so small that it was barely noticeable week on week but after a couple of months there was a reduction in anxiety levels and fatigue. I took supplements like Omega 3, multivitamins but with very less benefits.

Months 3 to 6

One medication that helped me get some sleep was doxylamine. I took half a tablet every night before sleep for a month and could get some 5 hours of sleep. Then somewhere around 4th month one day after a morning jog, I faced severe depression. The world seemed like a video game and I a victim of circumstances. Somehow I managed to make myself understand that this was just a phase and would pass. The forums here helped me keep my mind in place. My insomnia continued through month 6 but my sleep time gradually increased to 5 hours without doxylamine. There were spells of sunshine where everything seemed normal. No matter how short-lived these spells were, it made me realize that one day things would become normal once again.

Months 6 to 8

I read on a few forum threads on how stomach and bowel health induced anxiety and how collagen could help. I ordered a couple of boxes of bovine collagen and believe it or not, I could feel a difference on day 3 as my anxiety went down considerably. However collagen is not easy to digest and soon I had terrible nausea and flatulence which made me stop the collagen. Another thing that has helped me with bowel condition in probiotics. I started taking Phybiotics capsule (available on Amazon) - one a day - and this reduced my anxiety to a great extent. I crossed the 8 month milestone on Feb 25th and am in my 9th month of PAWS. I think I am at the 80% mark on my road to recovery. I am sure that in the next 2 months I would have left PAWS behind.

There is only one thing I can say. The only healer is time and your mental toughness. I would strongly advise against any anti depressants as they would solve one problem but lead to another. Your mind and inner strength is your best friend. I strongly recommend collagen (1 teaspoon a day mixed with milk) and curcumin tablets (twice a day). I am also on a natural sleep supplement Sleep Sure (available on Amazon India website) which has worked miracles for me. Yesterday was the first night I slept straight for 9 hours. And yes I have started to dream again. I wish all of you who are trying to kick this habit all the very best. Happy sobriety!!
:) :) :)
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Postby SparkleFly12 » Fri Mar 06, 2020 1:58 am

Hey man, glad forums like this help and thaks for your contribution. The reason I post is also to help others suffering from this thing that doctors dont understand.

Your story is so similar to mine, except that I had severe headache instead of severe anxiety. Im at 12mo now and felt 80% at 9mo,but its lingering. And I had a few occasions where ot got worse for no reason, and turned the clock back. Dont be surprised if that happens...

Cheers, glad you are feeling better man!
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Postby maneeshs15 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:39 am

Hello Everyone

I am extremely happy to say in continuation to my earlier post that a week back i reached the 1 year weed free milestone

I had started to feel much better at at 11 months mark. I still suffer from a bit of anxiety at times but I am in better mental control and can defuse it with deep breathing.

Looking at the paces of recovery, i am confident that another 6 months into recovery will make me more or less same as before I started weed.

The key is to focus on the outside world and consciously observe little things just as the way one did before addiction. This is where weed f**ks up things by making oneself more inward and socially aloof. Quitting makes this looking inward tendencies and the kind of mental thoughts when one is high to fade away. This results in negative thoughts about ones self image around health leading to panic attacks and anxiety.

Guys try to focus on the present and slowly you will crawl out of the creepy hollow of THV addiction

All the best for your recovery.

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Postby imondayXX » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:08 am

thanks for posting!
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Postby Jalakee » Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:11 pm

Maneesh I totally agree with you about the inward vs outward thoughts. This is something I realized but had a hard time putting into words. There is a state of what I call the "normal mind" where you are simply observing the world and pondering things, thinking about interesting things or being in the moment socially. This is healthy, and what weed does (especially to the introvert) is cause you to become extremely self-conscious. Constantly looking inward is unhealthy and not how we were meant to live. While self-reflection is good from time to time, living in the present moment is a skill that needs to be cultivated.
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Postby maneeshs15 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:15 pm

Yes. This is by experience i have realised. And just the realisation makes me feel better. Thanks for your feedback
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Postby RJGOLOVER » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:32 pm

Any updates Maneesh?
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Postby maneeshs15 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:59 am

It is now 19 months since I quit. Over the last 6 months I was diagnosed with unilateral glaucoma. I have lost significant vision in my right eye. I attribute it to stress and insomnia resulting from PAWS. I am under treatment and hoping of some restoration.

Overall i feel much better and anxiety is very less and manageable. I was on blood pressure med and am weaning off it now

Hope my experience helps some people trying to quit

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