Please help...Weed PAWS or something worse?


Postby Unususal » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:22 am

Hello everyone!
It has been 6 months since I stopped smoking and started to experience PAWS.
I am coming back in order to report on my current state and give you hope regarding your healing.
I was in a really really bad place in the beginning of 2020.
Horrible instrusive thoughts, fears of beign seriously ill, paranoid, insomnia...
I was so scared that something is seriously wrong with me that I paid an expert to undertake a schizophrenia test.
The results assured me that I am not ill and that I just have to take my time to heal.
I also started going to a psychologist.
In the beginning she was totally dismissing the possibility that PAWS is causing my issues.
Last week she actually told me that I should stop visiting her and that she is now considering the possibility that my condition was caused by a hormonal disbalance in my brain, cause she could not find any other issues during the 4-5 months of treatment.
Today I feel almost completely healed..sometimes I still get racing thoughts and start to worry, but way less than before.
Still going to the gym..still taking care of my diet, but I also started partying and drinking again.
Nothing too hard..but a few drinks with friends did not trigger paws.
I actually feel better than I felt while smoking pot and i think it is due to the training and healthy diet.
I started to bulk up and friends are commenting that I look way better than before :)
I hope my sleep will also continue to improve.
There are still nights were I only get 5 hours or less, but most nights I am sleeping 7-8 hours.
Another good thing is that nightmares are completely gone.
I didnt smoke since I ve started to experience paws and probably never will...
I am still around the same friends that are regular smokers, but I really dont care.
I am way more productive without it and honestly not feeling the need to smoke.
Dont know what I would do without this forum..It really helped during the difficult times.
Hope I can give back by posting from time to time.
Please write/ really helped me during hard times..
Stay strong everyone
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Postby aHairOnStanleysHead » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:06 pm

Hey unusual, glad you're doing better. It gives me hope. I'm just over 70 days and have had alot of the same symptoms you have..started with intrusive thoughts, panicking about those thoughts, insane anxiety, fear/obsession about if I'm becoming schizophrenic, etc. I just had a meeting with a clinical psychologist this week and they assured me I'm not schizophrenic or in the first stages of it, but my fear still plays games with me. I asked them to give me the actual test just for some piece of mind, so I'm waiting for that. I was just wondering if when you were worried about this, did the anxiety and worry and anticipation of schizophrenia start to make you think you were seeing things? I'm not having hallucinations, but it's like my senses are very heightened now and I see things move in the corners of my eyes and stuff like that. Then I panic and it gets worse. Now that I think of it all the time, it's like the more aware I've become about checking my surroundings and everything..I'm also noticing for the first time visual snow and every now and then I see little black dots in my peripherals as well. Idk if that has to do with the visual snow or not but obviously my mind assumes the worst. Sleep has been disturbed lately's like when I'm half awake and half asleep and just about to start dreaming, I will hear something like a voice or a phone ringing or something and jerk awake in a panic. I can tell it's in my dream state but it seems so real. I believe it's called hypnogogia. Did you experience any of this weird visual or dream stuff?
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Postby aHairOnStanleysHead » Wed Sep 09, 2020 2:04 am

Unusual just checking in are you still improving? Hope to hear from you
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