Psychological trick to stick to a plan

Postby tsorab » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:39 pm

One of my commitment is to hit the bed by 10.30 pm. Last night I was studying and got too involved. I reminded it’s time for bed and nothing stopping me to carryover it tomorrow. But the compulsion was so strong that I continued till 1 pm.

Similarly I often get involved with exercise(bike, hike, rarely weights) too long on some days. On others, I get too absorbed by a project that I end up missing my workout.

On some projects I have digressed to dive so deep that it wasn’t relevant anymore, and it almost cost my job. Like I am making a presentation about TV program scheduling but somehow got into aspect of transmission way deep into particle physics.

Part of the problem could be my deep held belief. Since childhood I have been suggested importance of study. I developed high regards for my health after some experiences. Perhaps I hold many things in high regards but discipline and routine despite of accepting the fact it’s practical and productive. Also it’s evident, because I didn’t have a good sleep last night, I am irritable, not productive and not much interested in the same study today. Tomorrow(or next week) I will recover but again may give into another impulse.

I may also have a fear that I may not have the same flow(enthusiasm) tomorrow.

In conclusion I have a bad tendency of overdoing tasks. I am looking for both a philosophical and psychological foundation to enable my sincerity to schedule and keep a fine balance between priorities and pleasure.

Anything, suggestions, references to books, articles will help.

PS: I was unable to find any good suggestions from google.
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Postby Reality » Mon Jul 05, 2021 1:50 am

Easy Does It.
Stay soft and gentle towards your tasks. It helps you to stay on track with your processes to get to the end. If you focus down the track you will trip over, because you're not looking at where you are going (the processes). Focus on taking it easy along the path and the end result will take care of itself. Easy does (the job).

Good Enough Is Good Enough.
Perfectionism can never be achieved because as you develop towards perfectionism your ideals also develop. One's ideals are always ungraspable, like an unreachable carrot dangling in front of you.
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