Hypnosis keyed to a specific hypnotist?

Postby eternaldreamer » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:13 pm

Hi all

Wanted to start a new topic rather than just posting in my other thread.

Lately I've been working on a keyword-induction/programming course. For lack of a better term. Basically I'm trying to listen to a series of hypnosis recordings, first to help me reach somnambulism (which I did), and then to 'program' a keyword so that, whenever I hear the keyword, I instantly go back to somnambulism.

I just started with the keyword phase today, and one thing in the recording stood out to me....
The hypnotist says "whenever I say the following phrase, and ONLY when I say it, you will..."

Well, that's fine and dandy if all future hypnosis is using these recordings, but useless if I can't make my OWN recordings using this keyword, or listen to other hypnotists' who do!

So I'm looking for help and suggestions. A couple solutions I've considered:
1. I can just edit the audio file and literally clip-out that part. My main hesitation is that I'm afraid the 'clipping' will interrupt the flow too much...I'll have to clip out an entire sentence. Likewise, this doesn't 'solve' anything if the next stage (the final one using this guy's recordings) has the exact same instruction in it >.<

2. I can go with it, allowing the association, and just try using the keyword myself anyway. Main downside is if that DOESNT work, then I've just wasted 1-2 weeks programming myself to a keyword that isn't useful to me. Plus side is it doesn't interrupt the flow at all.

And I'm open to other suggestions?

This actually seems to be a trend with hypnotists who do self-hypnosis recordings. I don't get it. Is it just a marketing ploy to retain customers? (IE, keyword doesn't work with anyone else so youll HAVE to buy my follow-up recordings hahaha!) Or is it just a 'catch phrase' that doesn't really mean anything?
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Postby Hypnofan » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:02 pm

if recordings are working for you then i think you can make your own recording in your own voice with any kind of suggestion or keyword/reinduction trigger you want.
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Postby eternaldreamer » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:46 pm

Thanks hypnofan!

Well, the thing is that I don't want to 'redo' all the training I've done until now. I've been working at this for about 2 months. So I need to keep going. I think for now I'm going to stick with these recordings and then just implant my own separate keyword for the eventual hallucination triggers.
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Postby jargan » Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:04 pm

Keyword or not, you've still spent a lot of time practising going into trances (as in, every single time you've done it, your unconscious mind is getting better and better at it). Even if you can't use that keyword as a trigger in another context, all that practice can still pay off by making it easier to you to go into trances faster, and you definitely won't be starting "from scratch" if you set up another keyword or something.

By the way, personalizing a keyword can be a safety factor. You don't want to accidentally drop into a trance when the keyword is mentioned in passing (who knows what can happen). In any case, whether your mind reacts to a keyword ultimately comes down to how it interprets the suggestion. If "you'll only respond to me" is interpreted as "you'll only respond in a formal hypnosis session, with a hypnotist you trust", you don't even have to set up a new keyword or anything. Also, if you keep that in mind before you start listening to the session, basically you bring some specific intention of your own into it, that is extremely likely to influence it, too. (You don't need to keep thinking about it throughout the session, just clearly and firmly remind yourself what you want before you start. That's all!)

If that happens to not work out (which would surprise me if you do this pre-intention thing most of the time you listen to the recording), another way to accelerate going into a trance is recalling the experience you had before: what did it feel like, etc. You don't need to try super hard to consciously re-enact the experience, just recall, go back to, remember, whatever words work for you. Easy does it.
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Postby eternaldreamer » Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:31 pm

Hi jargan! Thank you for the help! :)

That is very true. I think that by now I definitely know what somnambulism is/feels like. I at least know what it feels like 'going into' that ultra depth of hypnosis. Honestly, it feels a lot like the feeling you get when falling asleep: your mind kinda starts to wander, and even if you focus on something eventually it kinda goes blank, and you are sort of 'disconnected' from the world and your physical senses. So, I know what to look for in another trance...

Thank you for the encouragement :)
I'm not really afraid of someone accidentally saying the trigger phrase...it's a nonsense phrase so it would be REALLY odd if someone said it in normal conversation haha. But I did try what you suggested about considering the phrase to me 'the hypnotist' rather than this specific person, and i 'felt' a lot more comfortable with it so, good idea :)

Thank you again :)
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