3 Rules of Pillow Talk

Postby bestcatcher » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:48 am

After a long day at work, sometimes couples in love probably have no time for a date night and skip all that merriment and will go straight to bed. Perhaps, pillow talk is all you need to spend quality time together. The point of the pillow talk is for lovers to enjoy each other’s presence through conversation in bed (with pillows of course). It can be before or after being intimate or no involve sex at all, just plain pillow talking. Pillow talk is cheap and it builds strong connection and love in a relationship without the worry of having arguments.

But if you want to spice up your sex life you can use pillow talk as a step ladder to a better love making. A research at the University of California reveals that orgasm and post-coital bonding activities including pillow talk are highly relevant. This usually occurs in committed relationships than one-night-standers. It also increases trust and intimacy in the relationship especially among women due to the release of oxytocin in the body after the orgasmic feels. Oxytocin is believed to be the “trust” hormone that’s why girls who had orgasm disclosed more intimate feelings to their life partner while the testosterone in men makes them less affectionate after sex.

But if you are more in the mood for a clean and fun pillow talk, here are some pointers you should remember:

Keep away devices

Distracting gadgets such as smartphones, laptops or tablets will hinder you to talk with each other. You might end up watching a movie instead of talking. Blue light emitting devices also lessen the quality of both your sleep. Bond with each other not with your techie pack.

Light conversations only

Do not talk about the problems at work or financial struggles. Keep your conversations light and happy. Listen to your partner and give your full attention. Talk about your sweet moments you shared from the past, the bright side of the day, your dreams together – it may be a house, a vacation or baby names. Anything that will not make you have an argument in the end and will let you sleep instead of keeping you both awake at night. Give each other compliments and plan about your future goals.

Enjoy the silence

If you can’t think of any topic or have nothing to talk about just cuddle and enjoy the silence. Feel the warmth of each other’s presence by your side. Physical contact provides a sense of safety and security.

Don’t accept excuses that you no longer have terrific date nights when you can have a clean, fun pillow talk. Of course, pillow talk can never be a substitute of what a date night you have in mind. This only comes in handy for a particular situation. Maybe you are busy or tired from work. And if you ran out of ideas, we have 40 date night ideas for you (and your kids, maybe) to experiment on. But until then, lovers out there pillow talk your hearts away!
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Postby Marais » Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:58 pm

Thank you for this guide i will make sure to follow it with my imaginary girlfriend
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