24 years using, 4 months weed free my story


Postby DefiedOdds » Mon May 21, 2018 10:53 pm

I actually just stumbled across this forum today too, it was the first one I visited and the only one! Thanks green :) Same to you!
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Postby Jonok1 » Tue May 29, 2018 6:23 am

What a great post, thankyou for sharing it, im at day 124 so im counting it as 4 months, im a 52 year old who has smoked weed for about ten years, i was a cigerette smoker since being 15, i managed to stop that four years ago. I carried on with weed by smoking it neat in a pipe or blunts as i didnt want to get hooked on nicotine!
I realised that weed was spoiling my life and causing mood swings, the worst occasion nearly caused me to get arrested, i wont bore you with the detail but maybe it was the wake up call i needed.
Ive found the last four months a real roller coaster, i probably found the first month the easiest, perhaps because dispite feeling on edge I was highly motivated im not sure? This forum has been an incredible help, dont think i would have got this far without it.
Month two and three i counted the days, did some cycling which does help and focused on the fact that better days would come in time.
Month four im finding very hard, i dont ever want to go back to smoking weed but i am struggling with depression and anxiety. I can relate so much to what you describe in your post, i wake very early and my mind is full of worry about what im doing with my life! Ive got some great opportunities but cant seem to think clearly, blow hot and cold and cant make plans.
Ive thought about going to my doctor but dont want to replace weed with prescription drugs.
Im clinging to the hope that things willl improve soon.
Thanks once again for the post, i was feeling so sh** this morning, reading it made me feel far less alone.
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Postby cleanofgreen » Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:37 pm


Form your description of what your going through at 4 months, it's pretty similar to me. I had a pretty uneventful first 6 weeks off weed and then bam the anxiety and depression started. Wondering what I had done with my life and what I was going to do in the future . You have to try look for the silver lining in the years spent smoking, as it does bring some good with it. I think had it not been for weed and the hell I went through when giving up and that if everything was just fine and worked out wonderfully that I would have never had the chance to grow and that I probably would have become an arrogant ass-hole. The weed and the quitting helped to humble me, to see the world in a different light, to have empathy for those that I would have said "grow a pair" to before. That vulnerability is something I never experienced before and therefore would never be able to relate to in some one else.
If anxiety and depression came with the quit then they should leave with enough time off the weed. For me it was about 6 to 8 months where things slowly began to get better, everyone is different so your mileage might vary.

Good luck and stay strong.
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