How I was persuaded & almost ended up in trouble. My story

Postby dsquared222 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:13 pm

Hello guys,

I want to tell you a very interesting story, and I would be more than happy if you could give me a comment about it, because I was searching for an answer for a very long time, but still did not managed to find one

So, I was meeting one guy a year ago, and what happened is that he did an incredible influence to me. As I was more and more communicating with him, I unconsciously started to believe everything he says. He was the most charismatic person I have ever met. After a few weeks of meeting him, I started acting same like him.I copied him unconsciously (I am a liil bit social anxious and shy by the way). So after I started to communicating with him, my life changed 90 degrees. I was better in everything - in dating, personal lifestyle, and also my sales started growing up as hell! I was not a shy person anymore. I could approach any girl, I could sell any stuff at my store just after chatting with a costumer for a few minutes. I was happy as f**k, and even my friends said that I have changed.
But then that guy offered me a business opportunity, and after a while, I started to see, that he is trying to involve me in some kind of illegal or dangerous activity (some cult or something like that, maybe even some finansial fraud, I have not figured it out). And as I started to see some suspicious activity from him, I was so deeply in trance, that I did not care , I was just following every order he told me.
And then, after having a few drinks with my old friend and after telling him the same story as I am telling you, he opened my eyes and I realised, that I was in a big trouble. I had a real panic attack, because I was so much connected to him (we were communicating for a few weeks), that I could not believe that that could happened to me. I was still defending that guy who was trying to use me, despite all the facts.
So in conclusion, after I stopped meeting him, little by little, I started feeling anxious as I were before, and my sales and personal life shifted back to normal. I started panicking, because that was like a drug, I wanted the same feeling again and again, so I wanted to make contact with that man who almost got me in trouble.

After I saw a few videos, on youtube by David Snyder, I started to feel some strange feeling in my heart, that I felt a year ago with that guy who tried to get me in a big danger.
So my final question is - how can I summon the same STATE I was a year ago without a help of that guy? I know that he was using a lot of NLP techniques on me, because after that incident I started to get into NLP things, and step by step I recognised that he was casting those spells on me like from a book. There were a whole methodology which he used and I followed him like a blinded sheep.

I'm so sorry for a long message and poor english skills, but I do really believe that you could help me to solve this mystery, because that situation changed my life completely, and though that guy almost involved me in some very dangerous stuff, I still miss that feeling of incredible self confidence and enormous energy flowing, and I know that there is a way I can feel the same as I felt a year ago.
p.s There is only a few percent of that story, I could write a whole book on all the weapons of persuasion he used on me.
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Postby jeinert » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:56 pm

Go find a good hypnotist and have him or her instill in you the self confidence and self esteem that you had with this guy. He made you feel this way with NLP (probably) and maybe even hypnosis. But if you find a hypnotist that is not trying to make you do bad things, they can instill the same feelings in you so that you have the control of using them and improving your life.
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