Anorexia again

Postby L.is4loser » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:56 am

Hi, I'm Elle. I was severely anorexic for about a year before I went to a treatment center and got healthy. Since then I never really stopped gaining weight though, and now I hate my body at a slightly overweight BMI of 26.6.
I want to be anorexic again. I keep trying to start, but I can't seem to get determined. I'm an emotional eater, and puking grosses me out, so binge/purge isn't an option. I love to run and counting calories is a favorite habit of mine.
I'm looking for tips on how to stick to it though. I was doing well and starting to lose weight a few weeks ago, but my family and I got into a car accident and I couldn't exercise for a while and I gained it all back already...
Please give me tips and tricks and motivation! Preferably tips and tricks that don't involve binge/purge behaviors.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:15 am

L.is4loser wrote:Please give me tips and tricks and motivation! Preferably tips and tricks that don't involve binge/purge behaviors.

Try running and counting calories. Can't run? Walking, swimming, etc.
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Postby cynthialeighton » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:28 am

While you're counting calories and doing the exercise you like, focus on something you like about your body. For example, you might like that exercise helps you feel better. You might like how eating nutritious foods helps you feel better. As you reduce your slight overweight, look in the mirror and appreciate how you feel better at that weight. If or when you overshoot? You'll be able to remember your good feelings and adjust to life.
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Postby deliadelia » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:10 pm

So you love running...
GG! that's not something a lot of us enjoy.
You know when recovery sites tell u to "exercise in moderation". For some of us moderation is not the key. We want to feel fully alive. So, what I found that helps me a great deal in eating as much as I want/ need without the guilt, is knowing that later I will exercise. And this is healthy. If it makes you feel alive and enjoying yourself, it's probably good.

stay strong
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Postby Grey_Vegan » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:29 am

Cycling, nothing beats cycling.

I cant help with overeating. But if you become an avid road cyclist you will never have a weight problem again.
And eventually you will need to over eat just to keep your body fat from getting too low.

Even on flat land, i can burn 1,000 calories per hour on a bike, and on a real bike outside the gym, 1hr feels like 20min.

Its a bit of a proccess, but its unbeatable for effortless weightloss, and fitness, you can go anywhere on a bike.

Its best to spend between 1,000-1,600 US dollars and get a professional bike fit. Then your done, thats it, you have a bike for life. Get aluminum frame, carbon snaps in a crash. Do research, choose carefully, take your time.

Its better to slowly become a bit of an athlete, then a bit of a fitness model, it gives you more options, its easier, more fun, and it has way more year round lean potential. Olympic athletes eat up to 10,000 calories a day just to support themselves in peak training season, a 280lb IFBB pro body builder will typically be eating 1,600-2,500 calories per day in a cutting season. Then they arnet athletic enough to keep weight off when their appetite kicks in. think about what life you'd rather have, a lean healthy fit as **** athletes or a starve run down binge prone emotionally unstable fitness models?

As for diet, my best advice is not to settle on anything you havent researched extensively.

But if youre open to suggestions, want to lose weight but still eat allot; look into High-carb Low Fat Vegan diets. Don't try to go fully raw unless you literally live near a fruit forest directly on the equator. Even then if you have high AMY-1A in your genes then you might be made for starch, rather than fruit.

I purged only once in my life, because i drank poision, but im also a fully fledged binge eater. I realized there had to be a much better way for people who binge eat to control their weight, i didnt know that thought would turn me into a f***ing 2:49 marathoner, and have me punch out 580 kilometers in 1 week on the bike with a full time job.
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